Monday, 4 August 2008

Am I a Battybwoy?

OK so I 'm young and I can appreciate girls and their good looks but feel them sexually to a point. With guys now its a different thing altogether.

I look at them and a million and one things pop into my head about what I would do if I got the green light.

I still live at home with God Fearing parents that are very homophobic so coming out is not an option. But what exactly does coming out mean? That I'm acknowledging myself as belonging to a community stereotyped as being very flamboyant, promiscous and having a high risk of disease?

Given I am a virgin, do I supress my feelings toward guys and date girls in the hope that this a phase that will go away, or do I experiment on the guy side? Are their even guys that are like me in the same situation?


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