Sunday, 16 November 2008

So I said fuck it...

So yeah... basically I threw caution to the wind innit. I was reading the Voice during the summer holidays (doing my A-Levels now after doing good in my GCSEs) and came across this 'Maleforce' ting which is live cos I can use my pay as you go mins on it.
Basically its a ting where there are guys you can chat to who have also called the number and leave flirty messages or even have a 1 to 1 wid on the phone. I always get rocked up when I'm on it... I swear I am kinda addicted to the excitement of it all. I usually end up bussing a nut to some white guy who tells in how he wants he to bang him out or how he would give me head in graphic detail.
Its mad because you've got heads on there that, want a relationship, heads that want a no strings attached meet and others like me that are all about the phone sex.
One guy from Trinidad though managed to show me enough personality to have us exchange numbers in September and meet for the 1st time in October. It was mad... my stomach was all nervous but they turned out to be good looking. All using my free period to go and link them at a bus stop near college. They were acting proppa shy, but it was more of a hi and bye then I went back to class.
Got me a job working in a call centre. Trying to take the mick though with a little 5.10 per hour, but then its better than the £11 a week paper round and its money so its all good. I think me and this Trini guy might be the start of something. Mad!

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