Friday, 15 May 2009

All good things...

After nine months. I decided to pull rank and cut ties with the Trini. It was one of those ones where you fall out of love and you are in just for the sake of being in a relationship. We don't speak anymore either because I think that just makes things easier.

I put myself back out there after two weeks and woy! Bare stories.

Met one bredda from North who wanted me to bang him out in some secluded park in my ends. He was buttaz but could have held a bang if it weren't for me coming unprepared. The idiot gave me head and stratched the tip with his braces which stung like hell.

This brer then gave me a number to his bredrin who I linked and did a ting with after jammed on Oxford St. for a hot minute getting to know each other face to face after talking on the phone from 8pm-8am the night b4. God bless Freetime 3000.

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