Monday, 22 March 2010

I know I know.... its been a while

Ain't posted in time.

Its mad. All these minor situations have been popping off. And I'm at uni now. LOL. So been dating one musician; not exactly God's gift looks wise, but he more than makes up for it in personality. Also been chatting to an IT guy fresh out of uni.

I like the fact that when you are dealing with older breddas, they have their shit together so there is none of this pacing the streets nonsense with peeps my age with little or no ends.

1st situation popped off after we talked on the phone for two hours; this was the 1st convo as well. We proppa clicked and man was telling me he was just finishing work in West. So purely off the vibe I went to link him. We walked and talked for ages and the chemistry was obvious. Ended up on Southbank around 1am. I did a 360 and it was just me and him. So I said, I dare you to lips me. And he did. My man melted me. It felt like he weren't just kissing my lips, he was kissing my soul. Its was mad. I got home around 3am and went sleep with a smile on my face.

2nd situation now was more drawn out. I had to gauge the situation more cos my man said he goes out and them things there usually send the alarm bells ringing in my head. We talked everyday for about six weeks before I felt sure enough to see this bredda in real time. Met up in Elephant & Castle and went Tesco for some snacks and drove around South London, talking and vibing. Pulled up in one park now and he starts billing a spliff. He puffs I puff and he starts giving me head. It was live. so much so that I nutted in his mouth. We're chilling again now and have probably been in the park for a good couple hours at this point, all mellow and shit. Police sirens start blazing and my man is asked to step out the car. Police did a car check and it was cool apart from the fact dude try give me a fake name. Truth sure did come to light!

To be continued...

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  1. Ain't that just typical London life though!!! All these fake names. For fuck sakes give me a middle name or something, giving me a fake name after we chill and chat, you probably seen my dick and I've seen yours and you can't give me a real name, the mentality behind that baffles the fuck outta me.



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