Saturday, 10 April 2010

But if you finding him on bgc you lose him to bgc. That's the way it goes

I was dating a guy for six months. Met him through BGC. Usually I don't give BGC members with their photos available for all to see my time as it instantly screams been around the block and I don't give a fuck who knows. I'm more about the profile and getting to know someone through their words. This guy has topless but faceless snaps and a good profile.

After a few messages back and forth and msn messenger conversations later, we started the dusk til dawn talks and eventually caught up in Green Park to put faces to names. Day was a thumbs up. A month later I ask him if he wants to make it official. He agrees.

So wtf did he have a bgc still that he was logging onto daily even after we were 5 months deep? I confronted him about it and his line was that he "Used it to make friends" and that it was like the brother 2 brother version of facebook.

I weren't buying what my man was trying to sell me so it was a wrap from me. We're still good friends though.

Do you believe that if you find him on bgc you lose him to bgc?



  1. hmmmmm wow how much time do u have grab a cup off coffee and some tea biscuts. The gay community has turned this site into what they wanted it to be . The name BGC stnds for black gay chat....... chat being the action word in that sentence. If the individuals intentions are to honestly meet someone and get to know them then i dont think that u will always lose them to the site . But if either party is just looking for a quick fix then yes it will always be a revolving issue

  2. Seems like people are always in pursuit of the next best thing, with the mentality that you can always get better than what you already have by your side, or what you have isn't enough. Sometimes it could be as simple as feeling like they are gonna miss out on something by not being on there, always searching outside of themselves. When you met them they were probably still searching and when you were with them they probably were still searching.



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