Friday, 30 April 2010

Eye games

Eye games. We all play them. Sometimes with fats girls with low self esteem I'll lick my lips and give them a scan to bring a smile to their face. With dudes with feminine traits I give a plain confused look so as not to hurt feelings (I have a heart believe it or not). The best ones are where my type is looking when i'm unaware until I catch their stare and then they look down.

Eye game situation number 1. There was this guy who works in a retail shop near the call centre where I work and he was stupid good looking. I swear I could lose myself in my thoughts about what I do if I got the green light.

Eye game number 2. Then there is this other guy who often I see when I get on the underground who works at the station. Always always eye games. Some days I feel like writing him a letter where the last line would be: so if you are on it text me, if not whenever you see me, act like the letter never happened.

The fact that its getting warmer this days doesn't help matters. Don't think I'll push either situation though as sometimes the curiousity of looking and not touching is the best feeling.

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