Tuesday, 20 April 2010

So you ain't gonna let me top you?

With guys, when it comes to sex, I know what I like and I know what I don't. I like to fuck and I love foreplay. I don't like getting my ass licked and I don't like the idea of being fucked.

I think its important in 2010 to know yourself sexually speaking. If you like to be on the receiving receiving end of the things I don't like then that can work. Alternatively if there are things I would normally like that you don't then we can find some middle ground.

So why is it that when a potential love / lust interest is trying to see what you are looking to get into and you lay down where you stand, they still try to turn you out?

Shit like:

"What would it take for a guy like me to feel your inner warmth?"

"Let me get that ass"

"Just do it it feels good"

"If you love me you will do this"

"I swear its not gonna hurt, just smoke a spliff before we do it"

"Every man is a bottom for the right man, am I the right bredda for you?"

"Just let me slide in, and if you want me to stop, I promise I will."

Can anyone out there relate?

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  1. OMG your so blunt. but you don't understand how many guys have said that to me. I want it to, if i weren't i would be here. but a lil romance cldnt hurt..
    But what i really wanna know is where that picture of that really hot guy is from!!!??


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