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Tease Interview Part 1: Tease talks Studios, Types, Thugzilla and Drugs

Tease Interview Part 1: Tease talks Studios, Types, Thugzilla and Drugs

Recently I managed to pin down someone, who at 19 is a new face to black porn. Amongst other things, we talk drugs, his studio situation, his status of his rumoured relationship with fellow porn star Thugzilla, and his type. Tease. You ready for the questions?

Tease: Yep
Black.L0ndoner: well let’s go! Lol
Black.L0ndoner: How does it feel to be generating buzz as the new face in black porn?
Tease: I’m doing pretty good cant complain, and as far as generating a buzz I didn’t think I was making that much of an impact but hey I’ll take it.
Black_L0ndoner: Recently you did some work with Thug Seduction and co-starred with Ace but you started out at Thugzilla. What's your current studio situation?
Tease: Well at the time me and Thugzilla had I guess what you would call a relationship that didn’t turn out to well...
 He only wanted me working with him in productions, but he could work with who ever. So I eventually left the whole situation because I got into porn for the money and he was causing me to miss out on money making opportunities. So I went to Thug Seduction and that’s kinda like become my new home. Very professional and they are all about their money just like myself.

Black_L0ndoner: Who are some porn stars whose work you admire that you would like to work with?
Tease: if I had to choose for gay porn it would be Dnice, Dre Sexy, and Ace Rockwood (one more time).The best part is they all work with Thug Seduction so hopefully those vids will come true...

Black_L0ndoner: What is your personal relationship like with Thugzilla now?
Tease: Well we don't speak at all, after our break up every time I got on twitter one of his FANS would send me a message talking shit. So basically drama was being said about me on twitter to make everyone think I was the bad guy which was not the case at all.
Black_L0ndoner: Go on...
Tease: Aight... Well I mean it was just a whole bunch of lies, cheating just a bunch of bullshit. I dealt with it for a while {which is something I wouldn’t normally do} and I think that was because I really liked him at one point. I had no type of freedom. Every time I wanted to do something I was accused of cheating. I used to ask him how da fuck can I cheat when I’m here with yo ass 24/7 and not to mention I knew no one in Atlanta, so I basically had to try and become friends with his friends. An we hang with two totally different crowds. I remember times he would say he was going to get us some green and be gone for like 4 hours and mind you this happened more once or twice, and every time he would come back he had a story about how something happened. When really he was out fuckin. He had and A4A and BGC and didn’t want me to have one. He said he used those sites to get models when really he was doing that and giving his number out to every nigga on there.
So basically our relationship was a train wreck. But yet people seem to think I was the one in the wrong and that’s because they don't know what happened except from what they heard from his on twitter. So they made their own conclusion on what happened between me and thug.
Black_L0ndoner: Cool. Apart from the greenery have you tried anything else?
Tease: Lol... naw,  I stay away from the other drugs
Black_L0ndoner: So what’s the difference between on screen Tease and Tease when the cameras stop rolling?
Tease: Tease is my freaky side that’s all about his cash and Tease when the cameras stop rolling is every mans dream guy; lets just say the whole package.
Black_L0ndoner: That's a good look. So you are chilling on the sidewalk and a fly nigga is giving you the eye? What advice you give said dude trying to get at you?
Tease: Go for it because I prob think you sexy anyways but I don’t approach people like that so unless you come to me we might not never know what could happen between us. Just be yourself trust me you will know if I’m not interested, because I will almost certainly answer every question with a laugh if I’m not feelin you

Black_L0ndoner: What is Tease's type?
Tease: I love dark skin, masculine guys. Having someone taller may be nice for a change lol. But for the most part I try not to be to picky I mean I’m not gonna talk to any dude...Lol. My dream dude would look like Chad Johnson WR for the Cincinnati Bengals. He is so damn sexy.
In part 2, Tease confronts the situation that leads to his porn debut, coming out to his mom, sexual health and playing his position as bottom but wanting to switch it up. For part 2, click the link below.



  1. Ok.. I never do this.. but I have to set the record straight.. Big Tease was a FAN of Thugzilla. He BEGGED to come to Atlanta.. just another one of the those crazy young queens with a nice body looking to get in with Thugzilla. (did you see the boys skin.. my god.. ) All he did was nothing.. He sat and smoked and played video games. He couldn't count to 10 if you asked him.. that should be the next interview. is he smarted than a 2nd Grader. i have been shooting for 15 + years and to this day he is probably the most boring bottom i have ever seen . But like all those before him and after him.. you forget him in about 3 - 4 months.. in the meantime.. any real brothers out there that want to do things the right way and work for the best.. hit me up.. .. i make stars.. i delete queens..

  2. ps.. I'm sure no one will read the message i just posted.. cause who really fucking cares... EJ

  3. What porn stars do u make edwardjames? The last time I checked, the big names in the game were not made by you. Castro wasn't made by you. Eddie Diaz, Diesel Washington, Scott Alexender, nor Tiger Tyson were made by you. What REAL porn stars have you made? None that are making $$$ in this.

  4. Edward James you and Thugzilla are both played out and reading what you just wrote about Tease made you sound like a hater and not mention for a straight guy filming gay porn it truly made you look like a sissy! I once was gonna work for you but your cheap ass only wanted to pay me $200.00 for RAW SEX! Half of your models are sick anyways! If you make stars them maybe Thugzilla would actually be going somewhere right now, but he's not his site is shitty, the quality of the vids are shitty, models are sissys an they look shitty along with Thugzilla! As a business man for you to post this comment it made you look VERY UnProfessional and who wants to work for a cheap ass tired queen? An as far as a queen when I was over at your loft Thugzilla and you were the biggest queens ive ever meet. Dont get mad because Tease put the truth out there about Thugzilla's bullshit!

    1. $200.00 for RAW lawd what kind of nonsense lol

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