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Tease Interview Part 2: Tease Talks STDs, Being A Bottom & Future Appearances

In part 2 Tease confronts the situation that leads to his porn debut, coming out to his mom, sexual health and playing his position as bottom but wanting to switch it up.

Let's jump right in!

Black_L0ndoner: You're a bottom, what do you enjoy most about playing your position?
Tease: Lol... I think I just like the whole masculine thing. It’s always been a turn on to have another MASCULINE guy to touch, kiss, and so on. I just enjoy sexual encounters with other MASCULINE guys.
Black_L0ndoner: So you put it out there on twitter that you are thinking of being verse? What prompted that?
Tease: Well I just recently attended this party and one thing lead to another and I was getting head for the first time by these two guys and I actually enjoyed it. Well let’s just say I wasn’t expecting to get a hard on seeing as that was my first time receiving head.
Black_L0ndoner: first time? Nigga you been missing out. LOL
Tease: I actually enjoyed it and thought about bending they asses over but I haven’t got that far yet. LOL.
Black_L0ndoner: The stereotype is usually porn stars get into it because their past isn't too rosy. Given you are 19 now what is your story?
Tease: I just wanted to make some easy money. I wanted to mix money with pleasure and not to mention the fact that the sex would be taped made it even more exciting for me.
Black_L0ndoner: I'm not one to knock somebody's hustle, but what do you say to people who wonder why you were attracted to doing PORN in opposed to say going to college?
Tease: I don’t really answer that question because its not there business... But I will be attending college, I’m saving up now and porn adds a lil extra to my account.
Black_L0ndoner: So what is the long term goal with porn?
Tease: I thought about tryna manage my own studio later on down the road. But for now I’m just gonna make as much money as I can.
Black_L0ndoner: For the people than say that there is no $ in porn how much can an actor expect per scene?
Tease: I guess the average is about $400 or more depending on your experience. But then there are some companies that don’t pay less than $900. All depends on what studios you’re working with.
Black_L0ndoner: Just wanna go back to the question about the not so rosy past. I know you said you didn't wanna talk about it but I think the openness would earn the respect of your fans for being real. You cool to elab just a little on the lead up of you getting into the game?
Tease: Well it all started after I gave up my apartment and job to move with a family member in Tampa who I hadn’t seen in almost 16 years but she raised me as a child. So my lease was up and instead of renewing I left to live with her. One word... disaster. Biggest mistake of my life I get teary eyed when I think about it.
I mean I didn’t have much but I had a job and I had enough money to pay my household bills, food to eat and a place to call my own. But I gave that up for what I thought might be a lil more easier on me.
Believe me I was struggling getting paid every two weeks just barely having to have enough for lights, water, rent, and cell phone bill so I was almost always late... Lol! But I managed to stick it out without being evicted.
So after my lease was up I thought to myself did I wanna go thru the struggles again? I decided that maybe moving in with some family and saving some money would be a lil better. Then I got there and I was living with my uncles ex wife which was a white lady, she had re-married and had kids. And the worst part she had 5 annoying ass lil racist dogs!
I had to tip toe thru the house at night just to use the bathroom, because the dogs would bark and wake up the lil new born. Had to sit outside just to talk on my phone because my voices carries and when the dogs heard me from the back room they would bark non stop.
Then they had the police poppin’ up to there house every other weekend because they would get drunk and start fights with each other, it was basically HELL.
So when Reduell (Guy I did amateur porn for) hit me up on yahoo and asked would I ever do porn, I said yes without hesitation. I wanted to get the fuck outta dat house and I knew porn was easy money and it would get me out of there.
I just basically wanna get back to where I was when I had my own shit. There truly is nothing better than having your own, and if I knew my time down in Tampa woulda been like that I would have stuck with struggling in my Apt in Daytona Beach. At least I had my own shit and I had the money to pay for it even with the struggles
So basically I’m on a mission to get back to where I was in Daytona but this time without da struggles.
Black_L0ndoner: Is your situation better than at your aunts at this point?
Tease: Yes 100% better
Black_L0ndoner: That's what's up! Other than that, good relations with your immediate fam?
Tease: Dad is gone, first time I meet him was when I went to Jamaica for his funeral. I was too light skinned when I was born so he denied me as a child.
Mom - Our relationship is getting back in track, she just can't believe that I’m gay after all the years of playing basketball. LOL.
Love all four of my brothers, and my two sisters even tho one of my sisters HATES me! Lol, but her knowing I love her will make her hate me even more, so that’s my lil way of getting back at her. LOL.
Black_L0ndoner: I'm sure she loves you right back lol. So how did you drop it to your mom that you were gay?
Tease: Well after I got into my own Apt I waited til new years 2009 to tell the family and when I went over my moms house I just said "Ma I know your not gonna like this but I want you to meet my BF" She screamed "BF?".
Then she said "How da hell are you gonna be gay after all these years of playing basketball. I thought the cheerleaders gave all the football and basketball players some pussy" LOL.
Now she has gotten too comfortable with it, I find myself around her and when she talks to me she refers to me as "GIRL"! Lol... I had to tell her just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I’m gonna carry myself or act like a female. I mean yea I like to be fucked like ya average female, but I’m still a dude when its all said and done.
Black_L0ndoner: Aight let’s touch quickly on the nails man… What’s the deal?
Tease: I don’t clip my nails I just let them fall off. Lmao well I guess you can say I just let them break off when I play ball. Aye I keep um clean though... Lol.
Black_L0ndoner: How importantly do you take your sexual health?
Tease: Top priority... I know some people might think I don’t care because I've done a couple raw films but I take my health very serious. And I can proudly say I’m HIV and STD negative as of March 23 2010!
 Black_L0ndoner: What's the best thing about your job?
Tease: The money and when I get to work wit someone sexy and masculine.
Black_L0ndoner: Ultimate sexual fantasy?
Tease: Not sure I have one I try and make every sexual encounter a fantasy for me and whoever I’m having sexual contact with at the time.
 Black_L0ndoner: Worst thing about your job?
Tease: When you film with someone den later find out that the do drag part time. LOL.
Black_L0ndoner:  LOL
Black_L0ndoner: Have you got your own site online?
Tease: Not yet... I’m actually working on getting a blog page up, so for the people on my yahoo and twitter, they will get updated when it goes up.
Black_L0ndoner: Any club appearances planned for the near future (Sizzle / NYC pride / ATL pride)?
Tease: Sizzle right now... But I have someone setting up some more events.
Black_L0ndoner: How can your fans / promoters get at you?
Tease: Well I'm on yahoo instant messenger literally 24/7 so on there screen name (Tease1990) and on twitter www.twitter.com/tease1990
Black_L0ndoner: We’re done. Thanks for your time man. How was it for you?
Tease: It was aight. Felt good to talk about some stuff to let people know what its like in my world.

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