Thursday, 6 May 2010

Part 2: Dual Situations

So I talked about a couple of situations that were popping off a month and a bit ago. The latest? Ended up locking off both situations.

The musician I ended things with because although the physical was on point, mentally my man weren't saying much to maintain my interest, so it was a case of where the physical started to wane. Had some fun times though. Feel a bit badmind though because when I ended it, I said it was because I was bored and I could tell after that he proppa took it to heart.

Second scenario I locked off because the situation was draining, with him arranging things and not following through, telling me shit that didn't add up... all of that shit. I am a guy with little patience so as soon as I start to see a pattern despite giving you chance after chance, its curtains. I saw one and that was all it took.

I'm gonna take a dating time out and concentrate on other stuff. Things always happen when you least expect them to right?


  1. I am loving the blog, especially the dating posts, It seems the games never changes just the players.
    anyway keep up the good work.



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