Sunday, 30 May 2010

So with Miami Sizzle Going On...

So two sets of Prides are taking place at the moment. DC Pride in Washington DC and Sizzle in Miami. You only type in either one on twitter to see the people there now tweeting away. But what is the actual story behind these events?

Miami Sizzle

Sizzle Miami started back in 2002 as a one-day event called “Sex on the Beach” in Miami/Fort Lauderdale during major holiday weekends.  In 2003, party promoter Dwight Powell organized a three-day event during the Memorial Day weekend and the name was changed to Sizzle.  Sizzle 2003 was attended mainly by South Florida partiers, but by 2004, word quickly spread and the event grew into a five-day extravaganza to meet the demands of the eager masses.  Over the subsequent years, Sizzle grew larger and more extravagant changing venues and increasing attendance.  In 2008, Sizzle jumped thirty percent in attendance to become the largest gay event during the Memorial Day Weekend in the history of Miami.

Anyone know the history of DC Black Pride?

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