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Transvestite Prostitute Sentenced To Life - For Stealing 100 Bras

The good people of Hip Hop Wired posted this story:

A man that told authorities he stole over 100 bras to support his career as a transvestite prostitute was sentenced to life in prison.

Darnell Wilson was arrested after being caught stealing bras from a Kohl's clothing store in DeSoto County Mississippi.

Before being captured, the self described “transvestite prostitute” led police on a high speed chase, going 80 miles per hour in rush hour traffic before being stopped by authorities who used spiked strips to blow his tires.

The pseudo woman of the night was given three consecutive life sentences under the Mississippi habitual offender law which says that felony arrests in the state can be combined with felony arrests in other states to define the accused as habitual offenders.

Wilson was arrested 18 times in Tennessee and Mississippi for various charges including aggravated robbery, sexual battery and kidnapping.


I mean what the hell? Who is fucked up in the head enough to pay for that? That not even the kind of freak you would do for a dare. As for the sentence, although its a little harsh, I have no remorse for criminals. The recession must really be biting in s/him's neck of the woods!

What do you think?

Friday, 25 June 2010

Friday Cackle: He Grabbed Me Up

Youtuber Quaddir continues to bring the laughs with his latest video 'He grabbed me up'. Interesting point about about how masculine dudes view feminine ones though, I must say.

Vid is below:

B Scott takes a leaf out of Ciara's Book

Multimedia Maven B Scott has decided to take a leaf out of Ciara's book and go back to basics. The 29 year old youtube personality recently posted a video to inform his fanbase, referred to as 'Love Muffins' that he would be resuming the weekly youtube videos that saw his popularity rise to dizzying heights, putting an end to rumours that he had become too Hollywood following Radio and TV offers.

Check out the video below:

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Finally... A LOGO Alternative?

A new NYC based TV Network is due to launch early next month. The Channel aims to be the LOGO alternative for people of colour and goes by the name GloTvNetwork.

Given shows like Noah's Arc and DL Chronicles are in dire need of  a return to the masses, it will be interesting to see how things work out.

I had a look around the website and it looks like they might be on to something. My only thing is I hope that it isn't just a series of low budget programming and actually a TV Network that is trailblazing in the way we all hope it will.

Vintage throwback LOL: The Bday Effect

Check out these guys' take on Beyonce's 'Freakum Dress'. This is one of those videos that you can watch when you are in a pissed off mood to get you smiling in no time. Am I a fan of this kind of flamboyance? No. Do I respect the fact they took a risk and went at it 100% hard.. I think so!


Manipulators: Would you know one if faced with one?

We've all come across these types, be it at work, in our fam or even early stage associates; people that appear cool but then covertly start tell you how to live your life and push their views on choices they feel you should make, on to you. I came across this interesting piece from a book by 'George K. Simon (Book link at the bottom). A long one but a goody. Definately a book that all guys in the life should own.

There are two basic types of aggression: overt-aggression and covert-aggression. When you're determined to have something and you're open, direct and obvious in your manner of fighting, your behavior is best labeled overtly aggressive. When you're out to "win," dominate or control, but are subtle, underhanded or deceptive enough to hide your true intentions, your behavior is most appropriately labeled covertly aggressive. Now, avoiding any overt display of aggression while simultaneously intimidating others into giving you what you want is a powerfully manipulative maneuver. That's why covert-aggression is most often the vehicle for interpersonal manipulation.

Acts of Covert-Aggression vs. Covert-Aggressive Personalities
Most of us have engaged in some sort of covertly aggressive behavior from time to time. Periodically trying to manipulate a person or a situation doesn't make someone a covert-aggressive personality. Personality can be defined by the way a person habitually perceives, relates to and interacts with others and the world at large.

The tactics of deceit, manipulation and control are a steady diet for covert-aggressive personality. It's the way they prefer to deal with others and to get the things they want in life.

The Process of Victimization
For a long time, I wondered why manipulation victims have a hard time seeing what really goes on in manipulative interactions. At first, I was tempted to fault them. But I've learned that they get hoodwinked for some very good reasons:

A manipulator's aggression is not obvious. Our gut may tell us that they're fighting for something, struggling to overcome us, gain power, or have their way, and we find ourselves unconsciously on the defensive. But because we can't point to clear, objective evidence they're aggressing against us, we can't readily validate our feelings.

The tactics manipulators use can make it seem like they're hurting, caring, defending, ..., almost anything but fighting. These tactics are hard to recognize as merely clever ploys. They always make just enough sense to make a person doubt their gut hunch that they're being taken advantage of or abused. Besides, the tactics not only make it hard for you to consciously and objectively tell that a manipulator is fighting, but they also simultaneously keep you or consciously on the defensive. These features make them highly effective psychological weapons to which anyone can be vulnerable. It's hard to think clearly when someone has you emotionally on the run.

All of us have weaknesses and insecurities that a clever manipulator might exploit. Sometimes, we're aware of these weaknesses and how someone might use them to take advantage of us. For example, I hear parents say things like: "Yeah, I know I have a big guilt button." But at the time their manipulative child is busily pushing that button, they can easily forget what's really going on. Besides, sometimes we're unaware of our biggest vulnerabilities. Manipulators often know us better than we know ourselves. They know what buttons to push, when and how hard. Our lack of self-knowledge sets us up to be exploited.

What our gut tells us a manipulator is like, challenges everything we've been taught to believe about human nature. We've been inundated with a psychology that has us seeing everybody, at least to some degree, as afraid, insecure or "hung-up." So, while our gut tells us we're dealing with a ruthless conniver, our head tells us they must be really frightened or wounded "underneath." What's more, most of us generally hate to think of ourselves as callous and insensitive people. We hesitate to make harsh or seemingly negative judgments about others. We want to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they don't really harbor the malevolent intentions we suspect. We're more apt to doubt and blame ourselves for daring to believe what our gut tells us about our manipulator's character.

Recognizing Aggressive Agendas
Accepting how fundamental it is for people to fight for the things they want and becoming more aware of the subtle, underhanded ways people can and do fight in their daily endeavors and relationships can be very consciousness expanding. Learning to recognize an aggressive move when somebody makes one and learning how to handle oneself in any of life's many battles, has turned out to be the most empowering experience for the manipulation victims with whom I've worked. It's how they eventually freed themselves from their manipulator's dominance and control and gained a much needed boost to their own sense of self esteem. Recognizing the inherent aggression in manipulative behavior and becoming more aware of the slick, surreptitious ways that manipulative people prefer to aggress against us is extremely important. Not recognizing and accurately labeling their subtly aggressive moves causes most people to misinterpret the behavior of manipulators and, therefore, fail to respond to them in an appropriate fashion. Recognizing when and how manipulators are fighting with covertly aggressive tactics is essential.

Defense Mechanisms and Offensive Tactics
Almost everyone is familiar with the term defense mechanism. Defense mechanisms are the "automatic" (i.e. unconscious) mental behaviors all of us employ to protect or defend ourselves from the "threat" of some emotional pain. More specifically, ego defense mechanisms are mental behaviors we use to "defend" our self-images from "invitations" to feel ashamed or guilty about something. There are many different kinds of ego defenses and the more traditional (psychodynamic) theories of personality have always tended to distinguish the various personality types, at least in part, by the types of ego defenses they prefer to use. One of the problems with psychodynamic approaches to understanding human behavior is that they tend to depict people as most always afraid of something and defending or protecting themselves in some way; even when they're in the act of aggressing. Covert-aggressive personalities (indeed all aggressive personalities) use a variety of mental behaviors and interpersonal maneuvers to help ensure they get what they want. Some of these behaviors have been traditionally thought of as defense mechanisms.

While, from a certain perspective we might say someone engaging in these behaviors is defending their ego from any sense of shame or guilt, it's important to realize that at the time the aggressor is exhibiting these behaviors, he is not primarily defending (i.e. attempting to prevent some internally painful event from occurring), but rather fighting to maintain position, gain power and to remove any obstacles (both internal and external) in the way of getting what he wants. Seeing the aggressor as on the defensive in any sense is a set-up for victimization. Recognizing that they're primarily on the offensive, mentally prepares a person for the decisive action they need to take in order to avoid being run over. Therefore, I think it's best to conceptualize many of the mental behaviors (no matter how "automatic" or "unconscious" they may appear) we often think of as defense mechanisms, as offensive power tactics, because aggressive personalities employ them primarily to manipulate, control and achieve dominance over others. Rather than trying to prevent something emotionally painful or dreadful from happening, anyone using these tactics is primarily trying to ensure that something they want to happen does indeed happen. Using the vignettes presented in the previous chapters for illustration, let's take a look at the principal tactics covert-aggressive personalities use to ensure they get their way and maintain a position of power over their victims:

Denial “ This is when the aggressor refuses to admit that they've done something harmful or hurtful when they clearly have. It's a way they lie (to themselves as well as to others) about their aggressive intentions. This "Who... Me?" tactic is a way of "playing innocent," and invites the victim to feel unjustified in confronting the aggressor about the inappropriateness of a behavior. It's also the way the aggressor gives him/herself permission to keep right on doing what they want to do. This denial is not the same kind of denial that a person who has just lost a loved one and can't quite bear to accept the pain and reality of the loss engages in. That type of denial really is mostly a "defense" against unbearable hurt and anxiety. Rather, this type of denial is not primarily a "defense" but a maneuver the aggressor uses to get others to back off, back down or maybe even feel guilty themselves for insinuating he's doing something wrong.

In the story of James the minister, James' denial of his ruthless ambition is massive. He denied he was hurting and neglecting his family. He especially denied he was aggressively pursuing any personal agenda. On the contrary, he cast himself as the humble servant to a honorable cause. He managed to convince several people (and maybe even himself) of the nobility and purity of his intentions. But underneath it all, James knew he was being dishonest: This fact is borne out in his reaction to the threat of not getting a seat on the Elders' Council if his marital problems worsened. When James learned he might not get what he was so aggressively pursuing after all, he had an interesting "conversion" experience. All of a sudden, he decided he could put aside the Lord's bidding for a weekend and he might really need to devote more time to his marriage and family. James' eyes weren't opened by the pastor's words. He always kept his awareness high about what might hinder or advance his cause. He knew if he didn't tend to his marriage he might lose what he really wanted. So, he chose (at least temporarily) to alter course.

In the story of Joe and Mary, Mary confronted Joe several times about what she felt was insensitivity and ruthlessness on his part in his treatment of Lisa. Joe denied his aggressiveness. He also successfully convinced Mary that what she felt in her gut was his aggressiveness was really conscientiousness, loyalty, and passionate fatherly concern. Joe wanted a daughter who got all A's. Mary stood in the way. Joe's denial was the tactic he used to remove Mary as an obstacle to what he wanted.

Selective Inattention “ This tactic is similar to and sometimes mistaken for denial It's when the aggressor "plays dumb," or acts oblivious. When engaging in this tactic, the aggressor actively ignores the warnings, pleas or wishes of others, and in general, refuses to pay attention to everything and anything that might distract them from pursuing their own agenda. Often, the aggressor knows full well what you want from him when he starts to exhibit this "I don't want to hear it!" behavior. By using this tactic, the aggressor actively resists submitting himself to the tasks of paying attention to or refraining from the behavior you want him to change. In the story of Jenny and Amanda, Jenny tried to tell Amanda she was losing privileges because she was behaving irresponsibly. But Amanda wouldn't listen. Her teachers tried to tell her what she needed to do to improve her grade: but she didn't listen to them either. Actively listening to and heeding the suggestions of someone else are, among other things, acts of submission. And, as you may remember from the story, Amanda is not a girl who submits easily. Determined to let nothing stand in her way and convinced she could eventually "win" most of her power struggles with authority figures through manipulation, Amanda closed her ears. She didn't see any need to listen. From her point of view, she would only have lost some power and control if she submitted herself to the guidance and direction offered by those whom she views as less powerful, clever and capable as herself.

Rationalization “ A rationalization is the excuse an aggressor tries to offer for engaging in an inappropriate or harmful behavior. It can be an effective tactic, especially when the explanation or justification the aggressor offers makes just enough sense that any reasonably conscientious person is likely to fall for it. It's a powerful tactic because it not only serves to remove any internal resistance the aggressor might have about doing what he wants to do (quieting any qualms of conscience he might have) but also to keep others off his back. If the aggressor can convince you he's justified in whatever he's doing, then he's freer to pursue his goals without interference.

In the story of little Lisa, Mary felt uneasy about the relentlessness with which Joe pursued his quest to make his daughter an obedient, all-A student once again. And, she was aware of Lisa's expressed desire to pursue counseling as a means of addressing and perhaps solving some of her problems. Although Mary felt uneasy about Joe's forcefulness and sensed the impact on her daughter, she allowed herself to become persuaded by his rationalizations that any concerned parent ought to know his daughter better than some relatively dispassionate outsider and that he was only doing his duty by doing as much as he possibly could to "help" his "little girl." When a manipulator really wants to make headway with their rationalizations they'll be sure their excuses are combined with other effective tactics. For example, when Joe was "selling" Mary on the justification for shoving his agenda down everyone's throat he was also sending out subtle invitations for her to feel ashamed (shaming her for not being as "concerned" a parent as he was) as well as making her feel guilty (guilt-tripping her) for not being as conscientious as he was pretending to be.

Diversion “ A moving target is hard to hit. When we try to pin a manipulator down or try to keep a discussion focused on a single issue or behavior we don't like, he's expert at knowing how to change the subject, dodge the issue or in some way throw us a curve. Manipulators use distraction and diversion techniques to keep the focus off their behavior, move us off-track, and keep themselves free to promote their self-serving hidden agendas.

Rather than respond directly to the issue being addressed, Amanda diverted attention to her teacher's and classmates' treatment of her. Jenny allowed Amanda to steer her off track. She never got a straight answer to the question.

Another example of a diversion tactic can be found in the story of Don and Al. Al changed the subject when Don asked him if he had any plans to replace him. He focused on whether he was unhappy or not with Don's sales performance “ as if that's what Don had asked him about in the first place. He never gave Don a straight answer to a straight question (manipulators are notorious for this). He told him what he thought would make Don feel less anxious and would steer him away from pursuing the matter any further. Al left feeling like he'd gotten an answer but all he really got was the "runaround."

Early in the current school year, I found it necessary to address my son's irresponsibility about doing his homework by making a rule that he bring his books home every night. One time I asked: "Did you bring your books home today?" His response was: "Guess what, Dad. Instead of tomorrow, we're not going to have our test “ until Friday." My question was simple and direct. His answer was deliberately evasive and diversionary. He knew that if he answered the question directly and honestly, he would have received a consequence for failing to bring his books home. By using diversion (and also offering a rationalization) he was already fighting with me to avoid that consequence. Whenever someone is not responding directly to an issue, you can safely assume that for some reason, they're trying to give you the slip.

Lying : It's often hard to tell when a person is lying at the time he's doing it. Fortunately, there are times when the truth will out because circumstances don't bear out somebody's story. But there are also times when you don't know you've been deceived until it's too late. One way to minimize the chances that someone will put one over on you is to remember that because aggressive personalities of all types will generally stop at nothing to get what they want, you can expect them to lie and cheat. Another thing to remember is that manipulators have covert-aggressive personalities that they are are prone to lie in subtle, covert ways. Courts are well aware of the many ways that people lie, as they require that court oaths charge that testifiers tell "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." Manipulators often lie by withholding a significant amount of the truth from you or by distorting the truth. They are adept at being vague when you ask them direct questions. This is an especially slick way of lying' omission. Keep this in mind when dealing with a suspected wolf in sheep's clothing. Always seek and obtain specific, confirmable information.

Covert Intimidation : Aggressors frequently threaten their victims to keep them anxious, apprehensive and in a one-down position. Covert-aggressives intimidate their victims by making veiled (subtle, indirect or implied) threats. Guilt-tripping and shaming are two of the covert-aggressive's favourite weapons. Both are special intimidation tactics.

Guilt-tripping: One thing that aggressive personalities know well is that other types of persons have very different consciences than they do. Manipulators are often skilled at using what they know to be the greater conscientiousness of their victims as a means of keeping them in a self-doubting, anxious, and submissive position. The more conscientious the potential victim, the more effective guilt is as a weapon. Aggressive personalities of all types use guilt-tripping so frequently and effectively as a manipulative tactic, that I believe it illustrates how fundamentally different in character they are compared to other (especially neurotic) personalities. All a manipulator has to do is suggest to the conscientious person that they don't care enough, are too selfish, etc., and that person immediately starts to feel bad. On the contrary, a conscientious person might try until they're blue in the face to get a manipulator (or any other aggressive personality) to feel badly about a hurtful behavior, acknowledge responsibility, or admit wrongdoing, to absolutely no avail.

Shaming: This is the technique of using subtle sarcasm and put-downs as a means of increasing fear and self-doubt in others. Covert-aggressives use this tactic to make others feel inadequate or unworthy, and therefore, defer to them. It's an effective way to foster a continued sense of personal inadequacy in the weaker party, thereby allowing an aggressor to maintain a position of dominance.

When Joe loudly proclaimed any "good" parent would do just as he was doing to help Lisa, he subtly implied Mary would be a "bad" parent if she didn't attempt to do the same. He "invited" her to feel ashamed of herself. The tactic was effective. Mary eventually felt ashamed for taking a position that made it appear she didn't care enough about her own daughter. Even more doubtful of her worth as a person and a parent, Mary deferred to Joe, thus enabling him to rein a position of dominance over her. Covert-aggressives are expert at using shaming tactics in the most subtle ways. Sometimes it can just be in the glances they give or the tone of voice they use. Using rhetorical comments, subtle sarcasm and other techniques, they can invite you to feel ashamed of yourself for even daring to challenge them. Joe tried to shame Mary when I considered accepting the educational assessment performed by Lisa's school. He said something like: "I'm not sure what kind of doctor you are or just what kind of credentials you have, but I'm sure you'd agree that a youngster's grades wouldn't slip as much as Lisa's for no reason. You couldn't be entirely certain she didn't have a learning disability unless you did some testing, could you?' With those words, he "invited" Mary to feel ashamed of herself for not at least considering doing just as he asked. If Mary didn't have a suspicion about what he was up to, she might have accepted this invitation without a second thought.

Playing the Victim Role : This tactic involves portraying oneself as an innocent victim of circumstances or someone else's behavior in order to gain sympathy, evoke compassion and thereby get something from another. One thing that covert-aggressive personalities count on is the fact that less calloused and less hostile personalities usually can't stand to see anyone suffering. Therefore, the tactic is simple. Convince your victim you're suffering in some way, and they'll try to relieve your distress.

In the story of Amanda and Jenny, Amanda was good at playing the victim role too. She had her mother believing that she (Amanda) was the victim of extremely unfair treatment and the target of unwarranted hostility. I remember Jenny telling me: "Sometimes I think Amanda's wrong when she says her teacher hates her and I hate her. But what if that's what she really believes? Can I afford to be so firm with her if she believes in her heart that I hate her?" I remember telling Jenny: "Whether Amanda has come to believe her own distortions is almost irrelevant. She manipulates you because you believe that she believes it and allow that supposed belief to serve as an excuse for her undisciplined aggression."

Vilifying the Victim : This tactic is frequently used in conjunction with the tactic of playing the victim role. The aggressor uses this tactic to make it appear he is only responding (i.e. defending himself against) aggression on the part of the victim. It enables the aggressor to better put the victim on the defensive.

Returning again to the story of Jenny and Amanda, when Amanda accuses her mother of "hating" her and "always saying mean things" to her, she not only invites Jenny to feel the "bully," but simultaneously succeeds in "bullying" Jenny into backing off. More than any other, the tactic of vilifying the victim is a powerful means of putting someone unconsciously on the defensive while simultaneously masking the aggressive intent and behavior of the person using the tactic.

Playing the Servant Role : Covert-aggressives use this tactic to cloak their self-serving agendas in the guise of service to a more noble cause. It's a common tactic but difficult to recognize. By pretending to be working hard on someone else's behalf, covert-aggressives conceal their own ambition, desire for power, and quest for a position of dominance over others. In the story of James (the minister) and Sean, James appeared to many to be the tireless servant. He attended more activities than he needed to attend and did so eagerly. But if devoted service to those who needed him was his aim, how does one explain the degree to which James habitually neglected his family? As an aggressive personality, James submits himself to no one. The only master he serves is his own ambition. Not only was playing the servant role an effective tactic for James, but also it's the cornerstone upon which corrupt ministerial empires of all types are built. A good example comes to mind in the recent true story of a well-known tele-evangelist who locked himself up in a room in a purported display of "obedience" and "service" to God. He even portrayed himself' a willing sacrificial lamb who was prepared to be "taken by God" if he didn't do the Almighty's bidding and raise eight million dollars. He claimed he was a humble servant, merely heeding the Lord's will. He was really fighting to save his substantial material empire.

Another recent scandal involving a tele-evangelist resulted in his church's governance body censuring him for one year. But he told his congregation he couldn't stop his ministry because he had to be faithful to the Lord's will (God supposedly talked to him and told him not to quit). This minister was clearly being defiant of his church's established authority. Yet, he presented himself as a person being humbly submissive to the "highest" authority. One hallmark characteristic of covert-aggressive personalities is loudly professing subservience while fighting for dominance.

Seduction : Covert-aggressive personalities are adept at charming, praising, flattering or overtly supporting others in order to get them to lower their defenses and surrender their trust and loyalty. Covert-aggressives are also particularly aware that people who are to some extent emotionally needy and dependent (and that includes most people who aren't character-disordered) want approval, reassurance, and a sense of being valued and needed more than anything. Appearing to be attentive to these needs can be a manipulator's ticket to incredible power over others. Shady "gurus" like Jim Jones and David Koresh seemed to have refined this tactic to an art. In the story of Al and Don, Al is the consummate seducer. He melts any resistance you might have to giving him your loyalty and confidence. He does this by giving you what he knows you need most. He knows you want to feel valued and important. So, he often tells you that you are. You don't find out how unimportant you really are to him until you turn out to be in his way.

Projecting the blame (blaming others) : Aggressive personalities are always looking for a way to shift the blame for their aggressive behavior. Covert-aggressives are not only skilled at finding scapegoats, they're expert at doing so in subtle, hard to detect ways.

Minimization “ This tactic is a unique kind of denial coupled with rationalization. When using this maneuver, the aggressor is attempting to assert that his abusive behavior isn't really as harmful or irresponsible as someone else may be claiming. It's the aggressor's attempt to make a molehill out of a mountain.

These are the principal tactics that covert-aggressives use to manipulate and control others. They are not always easy to recognize. Although all aggressive personalities tend to use these tactics, covert-aggressives generally use them slickly, subtly and adeptly. Anyone dealing with a covertly aggressive person will need to heighten gut-level sensitivity to the use of these tactics if they're to avoid being taken in by them.

Could you live life as a Secret?

Everyone has a fantasy scenario of a fella in the spotlight that they would love to get down and be cool with. Lemme paint this picture with words.

Let's imagine you hit up one of your favs with a verified account via Twitter, got them following you and vice versa, the conversation then gets heated via DM and before long you are exchanging numbers and chopping it up on the phone, relating about life and connecting on different levels on real shit.

Before long you get flown out to an exotic location, baller status; you are taken take of in every regard and the physical with you and said dude matches the expectation. Months go by and its honeymoon period unlimited; flown all over the World and making the most of the time spent together.

But then there are the issues: public image means dude needs to be seen to be dating / settled down, yet dude wants you to be single and available to be flown out 24/7 regardless. Said dude and your relationship can NEVER be discussed with anyone due to the stakes, so when you are going through shit, you are on your own. Said dude has no-one in his life to confide in therefore the arrangement 4 life would be permenantly cloak and dagger, not even on a 2 buddies on a going to grab a bite at mcdonalds type deal.

Given the opportunity would you date a celebrity?


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

When The Hell Did This Happen?

UK folks, how the hell did I miss this storyline in Hollyoaks?

"On a drunken night, Ravi attempts to kiss Russ Owen, revealing himself as bisexual. Russ pushes back Ravi, who tries to say he was just joking. Ravi breaks up with Nancy, however the pair do get back together. Kris Fisher catches Ravi looking at him and becomes suspicious. Kris and Ravi then start a secret affair, however, unbeknown to Ravi, Nancy and Kris have also begun an affair. Nancy catches Ravi and Kris kissing, however does not do anything. They then decide to try the relationship as a three-way."

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

So...Black men aren't supposed to wear skinny jeans

Check out this womens rant about how fashion trends are being aim at destroying black households.

What an idiot! Even though I'm not a fan of these trends, nor am I a fan of oversized baggy shit that people are quick to label black style, this woman straight seems like a victim who knocked her head on hard times.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Def Jam's Signs 'Chris Brown Lite'?

Check out this video from Trinidad Native Aaron Fresh. The 17 Year Old  is newly signed addition to Island Def Jam.

Is it safe to say this Chris Brown is now done and dusted?

Emmerdale... Jackson finally gets his boy

 Hats off to Emmerdale for this storyline finally coming to the climax.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Hollyoaks Cast Go Nude for Cosmo

Check out this shot of actors Anthony Quinlan, Kent Riley and Stephen Uppal taken to promote testicular cancer. Stephen and Kent are doing it for me I must say!

Craig David Covers Attitude Active

Check out Craig David's cover for Attitude Active.


Dude has got body!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

On the strength of the way John....

Interesting how I just got done reading Basketball Jones and I stumble across this interview by former NBA baller John Amaechi, promoting his book Man in the Middle. On the strength of the way John articulates and carried himself. I guess I've got my next book to read!

So this freestyle is supposed to be Bow-Wow

According to Bossip, the video below is supposed to have been hacked from Bow Wow's email.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

There Is Ignorance... then there is just plain stupidity

Peep this lobbiest group in Uganda. I have no words for this right now.

LOL: Everyone knows at least....

True or false? Everyone knows at least one person that thinks this:

Am I lying?

Book Review: Basketball Jones

So I've just got through reading Basketball Jones by E. Lynn Harris. Story is basically about two guys in love, but one being on the DL and in the Public Eye. My opinion? Definitely a must read. A lot of the themes discussed are ones a lot of people can relate to, but for me the one theme that rang in my head through was naivety and what it can do.


Friday, 11 June 2010

Man of the Week: Nicolas Anelka

Man of the Week goes to French Footballer Nicolas Anelka. Black, French and a sexy mutha... what more could you ask for?

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

So I nearly died today...

Today I had a near death experience! I was on a pedestrian crossing in Acton and a bus driver was coming towards me; his eyes were not on the road. If I hadn't reacted, a millisecond later I would have been dragged under the bus and for me it would been curtains.

Just makes you think how precious life is and how you need to live life like its golden on a real tip.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Khia get's her fucking props for this!!!!

Check Khia out on ABC news promoting her new track 'Been A Badgirl'. Though I can't say I'm a big fan of Femcees, she gets props because she is the underdog in the world of Nikki's, Kim's, Remy's and Foxys and her PR team are going a great job. I've always got love for the underdogs! Personality came through as well showing she can leave the hood at home when the camera start rolling. LOL


"Nigger is the nicest name that i call him. I treat him like a piece of monkey-cunt"

I was looking for a picture to go with the previous post and I stumbled across this comment in response to sexual role play in interacial relationships on another blog:

"my partner and i "race-play" all the time...in the bedroom! i am white, and he is black. we love and respect each other. but in the bedroom, i am his massa, and he is my nigger! he is a passive person, and i am very aggressive. the roles fit us perfectly. nigger is the nicest name that i call him. i treat him like a piece of monkey-cunt, and he responds. when i sodomize him, and orgasm, i call him such filthy names, that i end up kissing him and apologizing. he laughs, and says he likes being a whiteman's nigger. i could spend the rest of my life with this man!"

How fucked up in the head must the black guy in the relationship be? That is some straight self hating bullshit right there. Sex to me is one of the best natural highs with memories that stay on your mind. So why would you get turned on and get off with someone that deep down hates you, and inflicts extreme ignorance; racism in its purest form in my opinion. He is your massa? You are monkey-cunt to him? WTF! Talk about reaffirming stereotypes.

*Gets off soap box

How Does Reading This Make You Feel? Thoughts?

Why is it....

Why is it that when you are getting to know a new dude, they paint the picture of an angel, when really all dude had to do trust that I was confident enough to see past old ways?

Which brings me on to part 2 of the dude fucking with me and my friend. Read part 1 here.

So I was feeling like shit, firstly wondering why me and then second guessing myself even though the facts were as clear as day. I figured I'd straight up confront dude about it face to face, and look him in the eye whilst he was explaining his ass.

Fired off a text and got a response. 7pm KFC Marble Arch.

As I was walking up, I couldn't help wanting to go nuts and just inflicting blows to get the frustation out of my system that I'd allowed him to chip away and get my mind so open. 7.01pm I look in and see him standing by the KFC stairs leading upstairs.

"Wassup you good? Upstairs yeah" we dap. I explain I ain't hungry and he said the same. Once seated we got right into it.

Me: So when were you planning to show me that you were dealing with D?

Him: What? How did you... (At this point you could see in his eyes that the game was up) D is feeling me more than I am him and I don't know how to break it to him.

Me: So why would you drop the L(ove) word?


At this point I should have called it checkmate but this was the 1st time a bredda had fucked me over like he had and I had to see the inner workings on his mind so my response was:

Me: As far as me and you go were done on a sexual tip, but I don't mind continuing to get to know platonically.

Him: What? Even after knowing I'm still seeing your friend?

Me: Yup, I'm not a fan of drama so do you innit.

Him: Ok! So you haven't told him?

Me: Nope

To be continued...

Friday, 4 June 2010

Oh Damn... What a domestic!

Check this couple having a barney at the Petrol Station with the tranny mediating.

Comedy gold!

Text from a street guy

Summer season is in full swing and I am getting to know a few heads. The ideal right now would be something light. You know someone to chill, lock lips, and jam with.

I was chatting to one guy, on the phone last night. We ended on the note that he'd text me something to make me smile.

And this is what he sent me:

"Yo T I cnt weight 4 u to hav me up, gripping on to my waste and shit"

Will be interesting to see how this situation pans out. He may not be the smartest tool in the box but who am I to judge LOL?

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I guess Ignorance is still alive and well in 2010

If you saw the shopping while black special that ABC did a while ago that this is the same but more an 'eating while gay' version.


Can someone explain this to me?

Peep this French AD for McDonalds. At what point does this AD make you want to go grab a meal?

The main problem in dealing with discreet men is....

The main problem in dealing with men is the LIES and Paranoia.

If you are black and discreet and attracted to discreet guys , then nine times out of ten you've had to lie and be evasive. In conversations with your friends who know nothing about you being discreet, the 'hims' on your journey become 'hers' in conversation to avoid bateing yourself up. The 'hims' in the phone book are renamed to 'hers' and the 'hims' are given an different number to friends you haven't grown up with. Worse still if you are living at home.

To guys you lie about the area that you live in, you give a fake name so you can't be bated up. You think that everyone who is 'on it' has an agenda to bate you up. You don't feel comfortable talking about what you've done with other people although you are turned on talking about what you like.

The adrenaline and fear of the shame of everyone knowing your business and the permanent shame in peoples eyes that you will never be able to shake, should you be outted is mixed with the excitement of knowing that you are chatting to someone who on an attraction level thinks like you after thinking so long that you are alone.

Also if you are dealing with guys and you've never had a job before working with lots of people of different ages, if a friend from the ends, school or family member was to see you with an 'on it' guy, they would ask you where you know him from and the guilt would show on your face.

The family members have to be fobbed off that you are too busy for a relationship and your movements have to be cloak and dagger.

Then there is the selection process: You message someone who think is cool online, get to know him through messages then you get the email address and move it on to msn / yahoo. If he is bang on trying to get your number from the get go then you know he is too out there. He gets deleted. He goes 'out' every once in a while... he get's deleted, he shows you pics and looks clockable, he get's deleted. He's over 25 he gets deleted. He get's kept if he can relate to being confused, around my age and more just looking for someone to talk to, and looks easy on the eye.

Then conversation get's taken to phone level. If he sounds to soft or like he is trying to be something he aint he gets locked off. If he is level headed and consistant after weeks of conversation then we can talk about a face to face conversation so we can see what each other's vibe is like.

You meet face to face and then you either click or you don't; if I have to carry the conversation, you are clockable or your looks in reality didn't meet the expectation. I'll make my excuses and leave.

Its almost like there is a underground group of guys that are attracted to guys but are disgusted with the way those examples of people who are out that they have come across carry themselves to the point that they do not want to be associated with them in any way shape or form.

The chemistry either on the day of the meet or an occasion following the meet boils over and you let the lust and attraction take over. After that its either a short lived cloak and dagger arrangement that works for the both of you, or he will get too clingy and his calls, voicemails and texts ignored.

Its a lifestyle designed to drive a man insane. This was once my mindset, but I've evolved since then.

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