Thursday, 24 June 2010

Could you live life as a Secret?

Everyone has a fantasy scenario of a fella in the spotlight that they would love to get down and be cool with. Lemme paint this picture with words.

Let's imagine you hit up one of your favs with a verified account via Twitter, got them following you and vice versa, the conversation then gets heated via DM and before long you are exchanging numbers and chopping it up on the phone, relating about life and connecting on different levels on real shit.

Before long you get flown out to an exotic location, baller status; you are taken take of in every regard and the physical with you and said dude matches the expectation. Months go by and its honeymoon period unlimited; flown all over the World and making the most of the time spent together.

But then there are the issues: public image means dude needs to be seen to be dating / settled down, yet dude wants you to be single and available to be flown out 24/7 regardless. Said dude and your relationship can NEVER be discussed with anyone due to the stakes, so when you are going through shit, you are on your own. Said dude has no-one in his life to confide in therefore the arrangement 4 life would be permenantly cloak and dagger, not even on a 2 buddies on a going to grab a bite at mcdonalds type deal.

Given the opportunity would you date a celebrity?


1 comment:

  1. Hell no, the risk of a daily star/Sun newspaper outing would mean that you will live in fear on a daily basis.


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