Friday, 23 July 2010

"I'll see you later"

So earlier this week I met up with a guy I've been getting to know over the last couple weeks. Good looking, wicked sexual imagination, but the paranoia that I mention in a previous post about the mindset. Basically he views me not a TJ, down to earth, chilled and laid back and on the path to getting goals accompolished. But simply an easy on the eye link, who mentally he can relate to, possibly 'do a ting' with, then chuck away the disposable pay as you go sim card so there is no further means of communication. I get the nut, He gets the nut, the guilt kicks in and he can't reconcile the urge to satisfy a need that he has been brought up to despise with all that he is.

If you are cool with that then its all systems go, and in this case that is what it was. After all I needed a nut and I'd established enough to know that his issues aside he had a good heart, even if it was for one night only.

So the scene was set. He scooped me up from my area in a neutral spot. We drove for about 20 minutes until we reached our destination. Pulled up in a waitrose carpark after hours. I looked him in the eye with a wicked smile on my face and said "So what's good?" to my surprise he interlocked his hand with mine and gave me a look of vulnerability and fear but at the same time, his trust to take things to the next level. He then leaned for the kiss and damn it was a powerful one. The type that feels so right.

 This was playing in the background:

The next hour was spent just blessing each other and making each other feel good in the back seat. He taught me a thing or two also. After we both nutted and got clean, we sat in the back seat for 15 minutes in silent bliss. Whatever was going on in his life at this moment didn't matter and likewise the same with me. In an ideal world he'd be my type.

On the journey back he was talking about having work the next day and hIS mum probably being worried about him being out the house for so long. I laughed at the thought of hitting 22 and still having a curfew. When got to my drop off spot, he said "I'll see you later" and as much as I didn't want to say it, my response was "Let's not kid ourselves, no you won't". I stepped out and headed home. He tooted his horn as he pulled away.

True to form I called him a couple of days later only to hear the T-mobile automated message "The number you have dialled has not been recognised, please check the number and try again."

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