Monday, 5 July 2010

Loosing Sight

Do you remember when you were curious and you had images in your head about what you thought the ideal person to enter your life should be?

Cool down to Earth, goal orientated and easy on the eye. Average joe to the untrained eye so folks wouldn't talk when out and about and just assume two good friends were enjoying each others company. Enjoying each other's company for the right reasons and not just until the novelty of being in something new wears off. Old school romance like sketches of each other during 'us' time,  or a half a heart keyring that becomes whole when the two come together.

The little things like someone cooking your favorite dish and having them smiling on the inside because you appreciate their effort. Laying on the sofa with dude's head snuggled in your lap as you watch your favorite shows. Soaping dudes back in the shower and drying each other off. Anecdotes that motivate and inspire.

I guess in this world of lust and variety, what I am saying is, don't loose sight of the search for the qualities in another that you feel are important to you in favor of throw away lust when deep down you are not with it.


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