Sunday, 18 July 2010

My 2 Pence: Let's Talk Bisexuals

So Bisexuals are attracted to women and men, best of both worlds and all that. Girls see them as greedy and selfish and guys see them as at a stop on the road to being gay. People forget though that on a simple level both men and women can get their dick hard. But as with being straight and being gay you are not attracted to everyone - furthermore, its more about about a balance between personality and looks.

Therefore it could be that a guy is more proactive in reaching out to guys as there are more variety in the life that tickle his fancy but not discounting the fact that should he come across the right girl he would happily hit and run or go steady depending on what the case might be.

Some people worry that being with a bisexual is to be with someone who is unsure of who they are. I think that's a load of shit to be honest. Forgetting the fact that they are attracted to both sexes, when a bisexual finds that someone, gender becomes irrelevant, as its who you are as a person that will maintain his interest.

As for the whole DL thing, I think there is no such thing. Cheating and having unsafe sex is what puts people at risk period and that you can't put a sexuality on. I think that term is one born out of hate and ignorance. If you are having casual relations with men and women and both parties are playing it safe and getting regularly checked out then what's the issue?

Not saying that outlook is for me, but its something to think about all the same.

*Gets off soapbox

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