Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Relationships: Get into them blind for the thrill of the rollercoaster?

Relationships: when you are in them they are hard work and you wish that life was a little less complicated and when you are not in one then your mind works overtime on thoughts dancing around the theme of insecurity. What if 'he' never happens? Why aren't situations popping off in the way that they used to?

The real question is who are you and what are you trying to build? Think about it for a second. Are you the type to jump into situations purely on how you feel, or do you have the self control to wait it out until the honeymoon period is over to really gage what Mr man is about before taking things to the next level.

Too many times, people have this idea that they have to run into situations with a sense of urgency like its a once in a lifetime type deal when really, reacting in this way recipe for shit to be short lived. On the road to happiness you are gonna encounter some shady characters but its these experiences that shape us as people.

At the end of the day, no-one wants to be made to look a fool.

I remember about a month ago I went to a 'team chico' house party in South London. Eye candy was there in force. Must have stepped to one guy I was feeling on a contextual level, asking if he was having a good time and I was taken aback by how well mannered he was. He then introduced himself and his boy. At this point I had nothing but admiration for them. A good looking educated guy, black, masculine, secure in his looks and sexuality and in a healthy relationship with his equal who was trusting enough to let his boy converse with someone showing interest without becoming insecure; The standard we should hold for ourselves and look for in others!

I guess the point I'm making is that yeah the rollercoaster of a new interest is a thrill, but imagine how much more you'd appreciate it more if you took the time to look into its blueprint?


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