Sunday, 22 August 2010

I've come to the conclusion

That I am now cool with who I am. Can you tell by looking at me? No. Do I carry the burden of stereotype by saying this? Nope. Does it mean that DL heads won't check for me anymore? No. Does it mean my style must suddenly appear effeminate? No?

Can you look in the mirror and say the same out loud? Some will say yes with no qualms because that is who they are and all they've ever known.

For others, because dating guys is the primary attraction yet they can still be turned on and sleep with women, they feel that subscribing to a label will put the nail in the coffin of any experiences outside of the connotation it carries. Sexuality is fluid, you can be attracted to people and not a gender. Labels allow others to understand you but if you know yourself then a label can't trap you. It also takes the power out of the hands of another if you can own the situation.

When you really check it, although its not everything you are, love and sexuality will be an area in life that remains stagnant while all the other area progress and evolve. Your peers start to have kids and get married yet you've got everything going for you but love, because of how you are dealing with sexuality on a day to day. I'll be the first to say I've thrown away so many oppotunity at love because I wasn't ready to deal with what does along with it, but everyone deserves to be happy right?

The truth might step on your toes, but you'll walk a lot better when they heal. So with that I am changing my banner from 'not all the way cool with it' to making the pill of living the alternative life a little easier to swallow.

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