Sunday, 8 August 2010

Movie Review: RagTag

Remember my post about RagTag back in April? I got my hands on it today so I thought that I would write a review. When the film started rolling, my intial reaction was "Oh no, over hyped movie, with a low budget and deadbeat acting". Ten minutes in and this had changed.

I love the subtle implying by the writer that the two friends at a young age were tighter than your average, Raymond aka 'Rag' staying over each night laying with his friend and sneaking out in the morning Clarissa style. Rag being Carribean and from a broken home, and Tag from a religious Nigerian background. The film fast forwards 10 years, and the film really gathers pace. Issues such as, the closure Rag gets from his mum on being a bad parent, Tag's hardcore dad knowing about everything and his attempts at destroying it, and the plot seeing the characters travel to Nigeria, this movie had it all!

What stood out most to me is the shoestring budget worked to the films advantage; It kept the focus on the interlinked stories and getting to know each character in depth, leaving no loose ends once it faded to black as well as touching on cultural issues that British Africans and Carribeans will no all too well. Danny Parsons and Damola Adelaja gave really strong performances.

Support this movie. If anything, because of the believable characters living beyond the stereotypic glam shop, party and play and looking fabulous "lifestyle"

Final Grade A -

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  1. I just rented this from Netflix and really enjoyed it. Even though it was a low budget film i thought it was well done. It was worth looking at Danny Parsons for an hour and 1/2. Brits boys got it going on


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