Tuesday, 24 August 2010

My 2 Pence: So... Who's Your Guy?

I am a fan of the City, so when Joe Zee, Creative Director of US Elle magazine asked emerging designer Whitney Port who her 'girl' was in reference to her line, it got me thinking about who my 'guy' is in reference to the blog. So here it is:

My guy is the cocky yet aloof type. Stylish but sutble in appearance and easy on the eye. Quick witted and wicked sense of humour. Comfortable about the elements that make him who he is, yet no desire to wear his sexuality on his sleeve in a one dimensional fashion. Personable, Intelligent, driven, modest and surrounded by positive people.

Most importantly, appreciative of nuggets of entertainment and insight that collective make 'The Blud Blog', yet thinking about it, there is something for everybody here be you male or female. No?


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