Monday, 27 September 2010

City Gym Boys: UK Chapter

Anyone who appreciates the male physique will know about the City Gym Boys. It recently came to my attention that there is actually a UK chapter. Check them out in the videos below:

Nigerican accents aside, not bad!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

x2 Mixtape Drop: Bryn't - Porn Star / Porn Star II

Gay Rapper Bryn't is currently readying material for his forthcoming album Bryn't Park out in Quarter 1 2011.

In the meantime, if you are unfamiliar with him or his work, add his mixtapes Porn Star and Porn Star II to your ipod collection and check out his myspace.

Being the kind of guy I am, I wasn't big on gay music because the quality just seems to be all over the place. Bryn't however has got an ill ability to tell a story and I guess that is what won me over.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Antoine Moves Himself And Family Out Of The Alabama Projects

Remember Antoine Dodson? Well according to the good folk over at US Weekly, the viral sensation has made enough money from his single 'The Intruder Song, to move out of the Projects and into a new build!

I for one am glad he was smart enough to turn the situation into something positive for him and his family.

Monday, 20 September 2010

If You Needed Any Further Proof That Crack Is Wack

Just peep this:

*Sidenote = WTF is leaking from him as he rolls in the road?

LMAO of the day: Boy puts his take on NIkki's Verse on cam

Check out this guy's take on Nikki Minaj's verse from Kanye's Monster

LOL! A little eccentric but dude killed it! Nikki needs to gleen this should there ever be an official video made.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

LOL of the Day: J.R. Performs 'Nut It Up'

(Picture via

Today's lol of the day is too much of a cackle. Enjoy!:

I don't know whether it was the salty look that the chunky caramel guy gave J.R. him after his 'reveal', the chuckle that the chick had with the caramel guy shortly after, JR dropping it for the host, the host mesmerised by his ass after, or the host's sugary tone post performance but the laughs just kept on coming.

Qaadir Reviews The VMAS

One of my favorite Youtubers Qaadir Howard reviews the VMAs. Check him out dropping his two cents below:

Qaadir as usual left no stone unturned. I really hope a network snap him up soon because as a critic he always keeps it real.

Steph Jones Breaks Down

Steph Jones posted a youtube video filmed on the anniversary of his Dad's death:

A emotional affair no? Anyone who watches this and says that they were not moved is a liar. If that is not putting your raw feelings on your sleeve for the World to judge I don't know what is. Kudos to him for providing an accessible outlet for people dealing with grief. I can almost forgive mispelling in the subtitles at the start of the video.

Do did you think of the video?

Lady Gaga on Don't Ask Don't Tell

Check out Lady Gaga speaking out against don't ask don't tell:

Good points made, but then I can't help but question whether this was a strategic move by her camp or whether her video was coming from a geniune place. Either way though at least will hopefully get a dialogue going which can hopefully lead to reform.

What do you think about this video?

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Only Oprah

To kick off her 25th and final season, check out what Oprah did that had her studio audience secreaming and crying tears of joy below:

Crazy huh? How the hell do you get a 757 into a studio just for a reaction segment. Only Oprah!

Don't you wish you were in the audience?

Nicki Minaj Talks To Out Magazine

Rapper Nicki Minaj, stopped by LGBT publication OUT magazine for a Q&A. Check the video out below:

What do you think of the video?

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Qaadir needs your coins

Youtuber Quaadir talks ATL pride and and upcoming show for which he needs a hand from his viewers:

Will you be donating?

Lust in the rain

So I've talking with this cool guy, 21, head screwed on but like me he still lives at home. Anyhow a couple of days back we agreed to meet up in Mitcham after months of smooth convo and because these were unfamiliar endz to me, I got there an hour early. My guy, was still at work and I paced the streets to kill time. Before long it started raining so I copped a KFC mini variety meal to eat in to dry off and kill time. 45 mins later my phone rings and its my man. Its drizzling outside at this point but I'm wearing a hoody so the hood goes on and off I go.

When I saw him standing at the end of the Road, I was cheesing on the inside. Dude was even better looking in the flesh than I had pictured, rugged round the edges like how I like, but so as not to cloud the evening's events, I supressed those emotions. We dapped and talked about each other's days whilst walking into a park; he explained that he had family around so he would feel awkward bring me back to his. Chemistry was there so when we got deep into the park and climbed over the railings into the secluded adventure playground, where he used to play kiss chase with the girls that lived around the way.

I said boldly looking into his eyes with a cocky smirk, "What are you thinking?"

He responded "I'm thinking I wanna kiss you!"

To be continued....

Album Drop: Ken Dahl - Ken Dahl

NYC based Artist Ken Dahl dropped his self-titled sophmore album recently. Definately a solid effort worth adding to the ipod. 12 Electro heavy tracks with lyrics that any guy in the life will be able to draw something from. With the right marketing and single choices, this album could be huge!

Monday, 6 September 2010

LOL Of The Day: Patti not having a bar of it!

Check out this hilarious clip of Patti Labelle on the Tyra show, where a featured guest's sutble digs did not go down well.

This is comedy gold! Sometimes in life you've got to call it like you see it and this is the perfect example of why.

What a bimbo!

Check out this funny piece of anecdotal entertainment from Youtuber Bimbo Winehouse involving I Love New York suitor, IT:

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Can you guess the odd one out?

Check out this episode of Gay Straight or Taken. Can you guess the odd one out?

Man of the Week: Andre Douglas

Model Andre Douglas is the man of the week. Fuck eye candy, he is like eye aspartame; dangerously good looking.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

9 times out of 10... 'we' always have the hookup

One plus to knowing people that are 'on it' is that you are never far away from a hookup, because we as a 'special breed' are more ambitious that your average laid back buffoon. From discounts at clothing stores, to exclusive industry events, vip parties, even job opportunities at high profile companies. Our unique creative approach means we secure highly sought after positions and are happy to help others who can relate to 'the struggle' and demostrate the same hunger. From IT to Marketing, Music to Teaching in plain view, yet more often that not we are invisible to the naked eye.

We are just too focused for our own good!

My 2 pence: Age... is it really just a number?

Age is always the topic when it comes to dealing with dudes. In my experience, the younger heads just starting out are in it for the excitement, the early 20 somethings are looking for someone most consistent yet mix and blend this with random encounters and the older folk are either hell bent on settling down, to the point they throw material ploys into the equation in order to keep their trophy man content or they over compensate in trying to remain relevant by trying to keep up with the youngers, friends with folk 6-7 years their junior and lowering the intellectual benchmarking instead of raising to have people aim to meet mentally at their level.

The general view I get talking to gay folk is this: younger guys expects guys 24+ to be driving with their own yard and a decent job. Older guys expect to find that younger guy that defies all odds to be the one to risk it all... yet it seldom works out the way it needs to.

My thoughts on this? Don't let past experiences or expectations mean that you are preventing yourself from what could be a good thing. People letting you down in the past should not mean that you take it out on those who could form your future. And I'll say it again. People letting you down in the past should not mean that you take it out on those who could form your future. Heed it.

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