Saturday, 11 September 2010

Lust in the rain

So I've talking with this cool guy, 21, head screwed on but like me he still lives at home. Anyhow a couple of days back we agreed to meet up in Mitcham after months of smooth convo and because these were unfamiliar endz to me, I got there an hour early. My guy, was still at work and I paced the streets to kill time. Before long it started raining so I copped a KFC mini variety meal to eat in to dry off and kill time. 45 mins later my phone rings and its my man. Its drizzling outside at this point but I'm wearing a hoody so the hood goes on and off I go.

When I saw him standing at the end of the Road, I was cheesing on the inside. Dude was even better looking in the flesh than I had pictured, rugged round the edges like how I like, but so as not to cloud the evening's events, I supressed those emotions. We dapped and talked about each other's days whilst walking into a park; he explained that he had family around so he would feel awkward bring me back to his. Chemistry was there so when we got deep into the park and climbed over the railings into the secluded adventure playground, where he used to play kiss chase with the girls that lived around the way.

I said boldly looking into his eyes with a cocky smirk, "What are you thinking?"

He responded "I'm thinking I wanna kiss you!"

To be continued....


  1. so like...did this story continue? or what??

  2. Can we know what happened with this guy please?


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