Saturday, 23 October 2010

Book Review: Man In The Middle - John Amaechi

I caught wind of ex NBA Brit John Amaechi coming out a few years back and thought I'd pick up his book Man In The Middle - John Amaechi to get insight into what his mindset growing up was like dealing with guys.

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My verdict? I found it a yawn to be honest. It  has taken me 18 weeks to finish because it failed to reel me in. There were some bits that tickled me intellectually but on a whole I think it overdosed on painting the picture of John having a principled character while fast forwarding through the timeline of his life to date.

There are even points where, being a Londoner myself, you feel are reading a book where the author is talking down to you with the stating the obvious overkill contrasting the US and UK culture and force feeding British stereotypes. Also in the high brow form of English which hurts the pace of the book.

Saying that, he has had an interesting journey, has dealt with a lot and is now giving back to young people so kudos to him for that.

I thought that the selling point of the book, his sexuality would have featured more heavily so that was a let down too. It just makes me want to interview him and ask him the questions that the book failed to cover.

My verdict



  1. 18 weeks to read!!!!! thats a big no no no!!! Dont think I will be reading this!

  2. Try it you might like it. It just wasn't for me.


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