Tuesday, 5 October 2010

My 2 Pence: Eddie Long Scandal

I'm sure everyone and their mother has heard about the Eddie Long scandal involving boys allegedly being inappropriately abused.

My problem with the whole thing is the abuse of authority. Using your role to gain inappropriate access to these guys minds. If you respect an individual as a leader, in the back of your mind its almost as you can transfer control. If you went to the doctor and the doctor told you that you had to get your leg cut off because of internal complications, would you challenge his diagnosis? If a psychiatrist told you that you were bipolar and that you had to take meds daily would you protest? Most likely not because of the respect you have for their role.

As a leader and a figure to people, you draw the lines and you stay on your side of the boundaries.

Reports and court documents suggests these guys saw him as a father figure yet he supposedly was plying them with materialism which as a teen is as attractive as flies to shit. Buying them cars, giving them an allowance, going out to dinner in fancy restaurants; all with money from unassuming church goers. All this to get them open and coupled with them seeing him as 'daddy' given they were from single parent households, these teens probably have a fucked up lust complex when forming relationships with older guys in high positions. Love for 'family' should never be blurred with the love for a partner.

I believe all the victims are telling the truth given the available info and hope that justice is served.

What are your thoughts on the scandal?

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