Sunday, 10 October 2010

Tonex (TOH-nay) What happened?

Remember US Award-winning Gospel Artist Tonex? A few months back a track surfaced that put his sexuality under scrunity. Well it appears that he is done with gospel and is jumping into glamfunk disco (and disposed of the closet in the process perhaps?). Check out his take on 70s classic, You Make Me Feel:

<a href="">Mighty Real 2011 by @BSLADE</a>

Despite the camp sound, his voice is solid right? So why is the image and mannerisms to go with the new sound so flaming?

My main gripe with this is that there is next to no visibility of masculine gay men in the mainstream and this image will only re-inforce stereotypes. Its almost like a doctor dressing in just a nappy to work and trying to give you your diagnosis; you won't take said doctor seriously.

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