Monday, 29 November 2010

I Don't Know you personally yet I've heard all about you

What is it with gay people that have always got their mouths dragging their conquests or enemys through the mud to others?

I am always weary of people who ask me if I know random guys names that they reel off. I guess I feel as though everyone should get to know people for themselves and not basing opinions on hearsay and gossip fodder.

If you are my friend then the friendship is based on you and I bettering each other as people by inspiring growth and being on hand to give advice and come to through where possible. The last thing I want is for you to waste my time projecting negative energy from your situations with others that didn't end amicably.

Being a person of colour and getting to know the same in London is hard enough with the hearsay making the pool even smaller. 

As a man, never feel that you are doing someone wrong by cutting someone short and telling them that you don't want to hear their fodder.

Have you ever dealt with such people? How did you react?

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