Monday, 29 November 2010

Lust in the Rain Pt. 2

Carrying on from part 1 . As I had given him the green light, he leaned in for the kiss and when his lips connected with mine in my head it was like fireworks; my soul properly felt alive. It started raining proper heavily so we took cover on the benches underneath the slide in the adventure playround. We were in our zone alternating between 1st and 2nd base. My ting was printed against my tracksuit bottoms and he let the head poke out, wet his thumb with his tongue and circled it around the vein near the tip of my dick, I can't even tell you how heavy it felt. After about 45 minutes, I let him know that it was getting late and I had to cut. He walked me to the train station and when I got home to my room, I feel onto my bed grinning teeth and happy that someone decent was checking for me.

We linked up a couple of times after where I would go visit him as a 'friend from college' and met his mum, dad and sister, but turns out he wanted to be on a whole 'playing the field tip' so I ended the sexual part of our relationship and concentrated on the friendship, so although I was a little pissed off to begin with, I'm glad things have turned out the way they did.

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