Monday, 29 November 2010

My 2 pence: How's your sex game?

If someone was to ask you if you sex game was on point what would you say? The real question is how well do you know yourself sexually. In this day and age people are so caught up on how they want to appear, they loose sight of the basic element. Passion.

If you then drill down a level you've got validation and physical attraction; you want to guarantee that said person is into you and you want to be attracted on all levels to the person that you are laying with. If you are into masculine guys and a guy with feminine traits comes into the picture be real with yourself. If you are not into him sexually put a platonic friendship on the table as an alternative and keep it moving.

Similarly if you and your ideal cross paths, don't lose yourself in the situation; it only means that it won't last long on the grounds said guy is attracted to you and not the sprung shadow of your former self.

Then let's talk what turns you on.Why lay with someone if you are going to hold back on verbalising how you really wanna be pleased, when sex and foreplay should be a two way thing? What's a handsome face if he can't kiss, or worst still, is whack where all things down south are concerned?

Similarly, if he ain't doing it right, a lil "That's cool but you know what would really be on point...?" type sentence goes a long way.

Although dating isn't always about the physical, the physical forms a major part of the jigsaw and its for that reason that you should take some time to address it.

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