Thursday, 30 December 2010

Book Review: Hiding In Hip Hop

So I've just got done reading Terrance Deans' Hiding in Hip Hop. Want to know what I thought? Peep my full review after the jump.

The book was a really good read. From the rawness about Terrance's troubled family life growing up, to the encounters with anonymous entertainment peeps in NYC and LA, this is definately a 'must own'!

What stuck with me most though was the journey has Terrance has been on sexuality wise, probably because his journey is similar to mine. He is further along the road than I am though. The talk about religion and forming superficial arms-length relationships with guys to protect your rep hit the nail on the head as did toying with the idea of suicide and the mindset and associations you have to have if you are / associate with people on the DL.

The only real gripe I have is that the book was marketed as a 'video vixen' book to garner mass media attention, even quoting an encounter on the back of the book though the door serves as more of an autobiography.

That aside, the book gets a well deserved 4.5 / 5.

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