Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Watch - Model City's Zeric Almonteros On Black Men Not Being His Type

Model City's Zeric Almonteros recently sat down with friend to the Blud Blog Lonnell Williams for the 3LWTV pillow talk series. During the interview he made a statement on his dating preference excludes black men and his reasons as to why. Do you think his reasons carry any weight? Watch the interview after the jump:

Friday, 23 December 2011

Watch - Episode 4 of Chadwick Journals (Finale)

The fourth and final episode of the Chadwick Journals, the prequel to the DL Chronicles, has surfaced. Peep the final installment which preceeds the new season of the DL Chroncles, after the jump:

Watch - Anacostia Season 3 Episode 3

Anacostia season three is finally here! Peep episode 3 after the jump:

Watch: ADTV RAW Teaser Trailer 2

Derrick Briggs and the ADTV team seem to be turning up the anticipation for the revamped grown version of ADTV, titled ADTV Raw. Set to kick off early next year, a 2nd trailer has now surfaced. Peep it after the jump.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

3 Years Of Blind Friendship - 1 night to throw it all away (Part 3)

So continuing on from part 2

...The verdict? Not a good one. Michael was in his early thirties but looked a lot older than his years. He had an ear to ear beard that was low cut and reminded me the facial stylings of gay folk who call themselves bears. He also had a chubby face.

My mind was doing overtime. Was I being too harsh in my body language based the act that he was nothing like I expected to be, should I just go with the flow? I took a deep breath and suppressed my disappointment. So after some small talk and a Michael ordering himself a fish dish from room service, we were both sitting up on the bed over the comforter and Michael leaned in for a kiss.

The kiss totally caught me off guard, it was all tongue laced with one sided lust that I just wasn't feeling at all. To make things worse his kiss tasted of fish. The disappointment rose to the surface again and I knew what I had to do.

Pulling away from the kiss with an uncomfortable look on my face, I faced him and said "Look we can't do this, I'm just not feeling you like that" "What?" he replied. "Don't you even want to fuck me?", the desperation written all over his face.

I sat up on the bed, swivelling my feet to the ground and began to put my nikes on whilst Michael lay on the bed looking all defeated like the cat that had missed out on the cream.

"Mike, I think it best I just leave" I said in a somber tone. He nodded once. I gave him some dap and told him I'd text him when I got home and with that was out of the hotel and on the train home. I never did text and we haven't communicated since.

I'm a firm believer in never faking the funk, and not doing something if your soul isn't really in it.


Derrick Briggs and the ADTV team seem to be cooking up something interesting for the revamped grown version of ADTV, titled ADTV Raw. Set to kick off early next year, a trailer has surfaced. Peep it after the jump.

Watch Trailer - 25 to Life

25 to life is a controversial documentary about William Brawner, a man who became infected with HIV through an unscreened blood transfusion when he was just 18 months old. He was told of his condition when he was 5 years old by his mother, she also told him to keep his deficiency to himself. Peep the trailer after the jump:

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Watch - Episode 3 of DL Chronicles Prequel The Chadwick Journals

The 3rd episode of 'The Chadwick Journals' - the prequel to the new season of the DL Chronicles was posted recently. What are you waiting for? Peep it after the jump:

Watch: Qaadir Talks Salon Visit

Qaadir recently posted a new video talking about a recent salon visit, clocking throughout the tale in his inimitable style. Peep the video after the jump:

Watch - Episode 2 of DL Chronicles Prequel The Chadwick Journals

The 2nd episode of 'The Chadwick Journals' - the prequel to the new season of the DL Chronicles was posted recently. What are you waiting for? Peep it after the jump:

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Watch - Episode 1 of DL Chronicles Prequel The Chadwick Journals

DL Chronicles creators Deondray Gossett and Quincy Lenear premiered the 1st episode of 'The Chadwick Journals' - the prequel to the new season of the DL Chronicles. What are you waiting for? Peep it after the jump:

Friday, 11 November 2011

Watch: DL Chronicles Creators Talk Grassroots effort - Play Your Part

Its been 4 years since the first mini-series DL Chronicles got people across the globe taking. Many have been wondering why new episodes are yet to re-surface. Well fear not! Creators Quincy Lenear and Deondray Gosset recently sat down to explain the situation with the series and what fans of the show can do to support their effort. Watch the video after the jump:

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Watch: Anacostia Season 3 Trailer

The must-watch webseries Anacostia is back for season 3! To coincide with this, a teaser trailer has hit the web. Peep the trailer and info on the season's premiere date after the jump:

(Bring yourself up to speed with season 1 here and season 2 here)

Monday, 7 November 2011

DL Chronicles Prequel - The Chadwick Journals

As reported a while ago DL Chronicles will be returning to our screens in 2012. As a treat to the show's fanbase however, creators Deondre Gossett and Quincy Lenear have been hard at work this summer filming the prequel to the new web series entitled 'The Chadwick Journals' and will be hitting the web at the end of November. So what's the prequel about? Find out after the jump:

Saturday, 5 November 2011

@Dphillgood 's XY Movement Goes Viral

Dallas based rapper DPhill Spanglish XY movement - Men wearing lipstick and leggings and using fashion to cross lines. His movement was picked up by a local news station. Peep the story after the jump:

New Ken Dahl - Flava

Friend to the blud blog and recording artist Ken Dahl uploaded a electro  rich club banger via youtube recently.

Listen to the track 'Flava', after the jump:

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Video: New Qaadir - Dream Away

Check out this video Qaadir posted recently via his youtube channel. Entitled 'Dream Away' the song features on his recent release Collection Before The Boom Chapter 2. Peep the video after the jump:

Friday, 28 October 2011

Steven's Coming Out Story

Check out this video shot as part of an online campaign by charity, 'I Want The World To Know' to share stories from gay people who are open with others about their lifestyle. Being black, Steven's story struck a chord with me. Steven hit the nail on the head when he talked about family, perception and the thought process that has to go along with actions that a male and female couple take for granted. Peep his story for yourself after the jump:

Saturday, 22 October 2011

New York Times Sits Down With 'Weekend' Director

The New York Times sat down with Weekend director Andrew Haigh for an in depth interview about his process of putting the movie together. Interview is after the jump:

Trailer - Weekend

Weekend is a movie that is generating major buzz on the festival curcuit. Directed by Andrew Haigh, the movie explores two characters who let attraction get the best of them and subsequently, want different things. Peep the trailer after the jump:

Man of The Week Bonus - Samuell Benta Talks Having What It Takes + Showreel

Man of the Week Samuell Benta sits down with Inner City Arts, a youth organisation based in London which aims to help tackle the current youth agenda. Peep the interview / showreel after the jump:

Man of The Week - Samuell Benta

It's that time again. The current title Man of the Week goes to 25 year old British actor Samuell Benta, who is best known for starring in BBC productions 'The Cut' And Eastenders spinoff 'E20'. Peep more pics after the jump:

Xem Van Adams Retires From Youtube

Popular youtuber Xem Van Adams posted his final youtube video recently. An insightful watch. Peep the clip after the jump:

Qaadir Talks Spammers

Friend to the blud blog Qaadir posted a video via his youtube, reigning in on people posting negativity via his platform. Peep Qaadir clocking it in his articulate inimitable style after the jump:

Watch: Nevin Heard's MTV Casting Tape

The casting tape of Nevin Heard, the guy that featured on MTV show Coming Out surfaced recently. Peep it after the jump!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Watch: Actor James Baldwin On Growing Up Black Poor And Gay

Writer James Baldwin, an openly gay black writer who played an important role in humanising the civil rights movement through his barrier transcending essays in the 1950 was asked in an interview what his views were on living a life being poor black and gay. Watch his response after the jump:

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

New Video Alert - Kelly Rowland Down For Whatever

The visual for Ms Kelly's International release has just surfaced. Peep it after the jump:

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Black Guy Comes Out on MTV Show

20 year old Ohio State rugby player Nevin Heard came out to his teammates on new MTV show 'Coming Out'. Watch Nevin fight through nerves to deliver his message after the jump:

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Watch - ADTV RAW - The Beginning

ADTV Season 6 ended in September, leaving many wondering what the future would be for Metrell and the gang. Well it looks like the final season has opened the door for a new series, ADTV Raw. Real talk, no format just raw. The series which features cast members old and new, is tentatively scheduled to hit youtube in early 2012. However, in a bid to seemingly whet appetites, the ADTV team have posted a prequel via their youtube channel to give fans a flavor of what we can expect. Peep it for yourself after the jump:

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Watch: Documentary I am a man

Peep Cleo Manago's documentary I am a man. The documentary explores the issues in the male African American experience, including sexual diversity. The documentary is after the jump:

Watch: B. Slade - Sequel

B Slade former known as gospel powerhouse Tonex, recently uploaded the video for Sequel, a visual to support the track taken from his current project, Diesel. How does the visual fare? See for yourself after the jump:

Watch: New Beyonce Video - Love On Top Extended Preview

Everyone loves a bad b!tch. And Beyonce is up there with the best of them. Peep the extended preview to forthcoming video Love On Top after the jump:

Watch: Esther Armah Interviews Men's Exchange Founder Cleo Manago

Remember the name Cleo Manago. Cleo is a man creating waves in NYC by helping men living alternative lives to get their heads around the mental issues that living a life that contradicts the blueprint of society brings. Cleo recently sat down with Esther Armah for an insightful interview on his personal life and his current project. Peep the interview after the jump:

Watch - UK Rapper Craig Reveals His Secrets To Getting Ripped

UK rapper Craig turns the heat up as he demos how to get a text book physique. Peep the video after the jump: 

Tonex (B. Slade) - Accept Me

Controversial former gospel artist Tonex puts the drama surrounding his sexuality into 'Accept Me' a song recorded during sessions for his Diesel album under his new moniker 'B. Slade'. Take a listen after the jump:

Thursday, 6 October 2011

LOL Of The Day - X Factor's George Gerasimou talks Sexuality

X Factor auditionee George Gerasimou caused a firestorm at his audition after hauling a barrage of insults at judge Tulisa which went viral. George recently sat down for an interview with Water Media Tv where he talked about x factor, reactions from the public and his sexuality. Peep the interview after the jump:

Blud Tech - RIP Steve Jobs

RIP to Steve Jobs, the visionary who co-founded Apple and Pixar, revolutionising the world of computing, music and animation. Aged 56, a few hours ago it was confirmed that he had lost his fight against pancreatic cancer. Its a sad in the world of technology.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

3 Years Of Blind Friendship - 1 night to throw it all away (Part 2)

So... continuing on from part 1 

I activate the keylock on my phone and I sit and comtemplate whether the night is worth experiencing. Maybe a virtual friendship that had been one for so long was meant to stay that way, or maybe friendship was the perfect foundation to build on. I shower, freshen up with some Polo Sport cologne, and throw on some new clothes, its 8.15pm and I jump on the train to Marylebone. As I emerge onto Marylebone Road, I couldn't help but to feel nervousness in my stomach.

I take another glance at my watch as the Landmark Hotel came into view; 8.55pm according to my watch. I took a deep breath then headed into the plush building.

I made a beeline for the restroom as though I was a guest, quick stepping it through the traditional interior. This was the kind of hotel for the rich and famous, marble walls, a piano player on the mezzanine serenading business types as they lounged on their laptops or dined with their business associates. I looked in the mirror and thought to myself "I've been walking down this road for three years. Let's hope Michael doesn't disappoint!" my thoughts  were interrupted with the beep of an SMS message on my phone. "Come to Room no. 243"

I take the elevator up to the 2nd floor and knock on the door of room 243. A brown skin bearded guy opened the door. "Michael?" I asked. "Yup" he replied. With that I stepped into the room and shut the door behind me. The verdict?...

Part 3 coming soon...

Monday, 3 October 2011

Watch: New Drake Video - "Headlines"

The visual to support Drake's 1st single off of his forthcoming album - Take Care due on his birthday; October 24th,  has just hit the web. Peep the video after the jump:

Image via GQ mag.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Everyone Loves A Bad Bitch - Preview Kelly Rowland 'Lay It On Me' Video

Kelly Rowland teams are truely sticking to their word that Kelly is a label priority. Check out the preview of the video to 2nd single 'Lay It On Me' Ft Big Sean and see Kelly sizzling and coming into her own after the jump:

LOL of The Day - Simon Cowell's Sherzinger Shade

Check out Nicole not taking too kindly to Simon comparing a whack contestant to her. Hilarious! Video is after the jump:

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

DL Chronicles Set to Return in 2012

It looks like fans of DL Chronicles have a reason to celebrate. After an initial facebook campaign, creators Deondre Gossett and Quincy Lenear have announced via their facebook that new episodes are currently in production aiming for an early 2012 return. Rather than go the network licensing route, the pair will be exploring online outlets to bring the new programming to the masses.

In the meantime you can remind yourself why DL Chronicles is arguably the best tv depiction of gay men of colour and their struggles after the jump:

Noah's Arc Creator Patrik Ian Polk Takes To The Stage

Noah's Arc creator Patrik Ian Polk and lead actor in Polk's upcoming movie The Skinny Jussie Smollett, took to the stage at the University of Wisconsin, each of them performing a track from the forthcoming Soundtrack to support the movie. How did they each fare? Find out after the jump.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Watch - Michael Pugh brings heart to BET

If you follow me on twitter (@blackl0ndoner) you'll know that I was watching BET show Sunday Best and Michael Pugh's showing did something to my spirit. Will it do the same to yours? Find out after the jump:

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Qaadir - Behind The Scenes

A behind the scenes video from the shoot Qaadir Howard's 'Dream (F**k The Haters)' has surfaced. Peep it after the jump:

ADTV's Matthew Talks Ignorance In NYC

Check out this video from Matthew of ADTV. In it he talks about a recent experience in NYC where himself and a friend got into it with some ignorant strangers. Peep the video in full after the jump:

Moving: US Solider Comes Out To Dad As DADT Is Officially Abolished

Check out youtuber 'AreYouSurprised' coming out to his dad whilst serving in Germany. Its moving stuff. The video is after the jump:

WATCH: New Ken Dahl Video - Both Of You

Alternative POP Artist Ken Dahl , released the visual to 'Both Of You'. Peep the video after the jump:

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