Sunday, 30 January 2011

Over Da Rainbow Trailer

I stumbled across this trailer and it looks like a funny watch. I guess I'll be adding this to my list of movies to be reviewed!

For more on the movie click here

Preview And Download Ken Dahl's Mixtape

Check out LGBT artist Ken Dahl mixtape. The NYC native hits hard with electro pop production and slick lyrics that all listeners will get something from. Preview the mixtape after the jump:

Will 'The A-List New York' Return? The Verdict Is Out!

Logo reality series 'The A-List New York' recently ended its 9 episode run, leaving fan curious as to whether the show would be back on air. Logo have now released a statement on the status of the show. Will it be renewed? Will it be canned? Find out after the jump.

Black Reality Show "The Life" Currently In Production

It looks like in the not too distant future the makers of the real housewives of Atlanta will have a gay spinoff on their hands. Titled ''The Life" the show will explore the lifestyles of five gay men from varied backgrounds. The cast along with the show's creator, made a promotional stop at ATL's Club Europe. Peep the footage after the jump:

Saturday, 29 January 2011

New Music: Solomon - U Can't F*ck Wit Us (Feat. @bryntmusic)

LGBT artist Solomon released this track via youtube feat. Bry'Nt.  The track and my thoughts after the jump.

Everyone Loves a Bad B!tch: Vintage Janet

Today's bad b!tch is Janet Jackson. All I really knew from her was the song that she did for nutty professor and the song with missy, but I did some digging and found this gem from a tour before she released Control; the album which set her career on fire. The track is Don't Stand Another Chance and Janet's swag is undeniable. Peep vid the vid and see for yourself after the jump

Ignorance: Uganda Newpaper Editor Explains Putting LBGT Folk On Blast

Check out this CNN feature interviewing the Editor of a Newspaper that put the photos and names of Ugandan LGBT people in it and inciting hate. Sadly one of the people named in the article, David Kato has since being murdered.

The feature is after the jump

Documentary: Gay Muslims In Britain

Check out this 2006 Channel 4 documentary exploring the lives of gay muslims and how their circumstances clash with their culture. The documentary and my 2 pence after the jump.

Watch: The effect of homophobia

Check out this short play penned by Chicago based Rev. Lake. The play focuses on the morning after the night, painting the circumstance of the lovers as the play goes along. The play can be seen after the jump.

LOL Of The Day: My Nana Is Burning Babe

Check out this hilarious parody of Rihanna's global hit, What's my name. The vid as always is after the jump.

B Scott Interviews Chaka Khan

Multimedia maven B Scott recently posted an candid interview with Chaka Khan via his youtube channel. The video is after the jump.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Deep: Man Lunges At His Sister's Alleged Killer In Court

If you've ever lost someone you'll know that grief is not a joke, especially under tragic circumstances. So with that being said, spare a thought for this guy whose sister was found in a ditch allegedly at the hand of her boyfriend. It all kicks off in the courtroom. Watch for yourself after the jump.

Former Floetry Rapper Goes Nude In New Video (Watch)

When it doubt of making a music industry splash, go nude and bald! The floacist seems to have done just that in her new video. Was it done tastefully or tackily? Judge for yourself after the jump:

Brian Pumper's Reality Show Episode 4

US Adult Entertainer Brian Pumper recently posted Episode 4 of his reality show. Peep it after the jump:

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Joan Rivers Remark: Racy or Racist?

Joan Rivers made an ignorant remark aimed at US 1st lady Michelle Obama on a recent radio stop to promote her reality show. So was the the remark racy or racist? Listen to the clip for yourself after the jump.

Homophobic? US Store Censors Elton's Mag Cover

Harps – a grocery store chain in Arkansas – appears to have censored last week’s Us Weekly Magazine cover featuring Elton John and David Furnish’s new baby.

Want to see the offending cover and the latest on this story? As always, info is after the jump.

Girl Jailed For Homophobic Murder

A former public schoolgirl who kicked and stamped on 62-year-old civil servant Ian Baynham during a deadly homophobic attack has been jailed for seven years for his manslaughter.

The Old Bailey heard how she screamed "f****** faggots", and smiled as she "put the boot into" Mr Baynham after he was knocked to the ground by another teenager, Joel Alexander...

Brian Pumper's Reality Show Episode 3

US Adult Entertainer Brian Pumper recently posted Episode 3 of his reality show. Peep it after the jump:
* Them 1st three minutes >>>> POW!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

LOL Of The Day: Malachi - Sabotage

Today's lol of the day comes courtesy of LA artist Malachi. My thoughts and the video after the jump.

Brian Pumper's Reality Show Episode 2

US Adult Entertainer Brian Pumper recently posted Episode 2 of his reality show. Peep it after the jump:

Monday, 24 January 2011

Everyone Loves A Bad B!tch - ______R L______ on MTV in 1989

Today's everyone loves a bad b!tch. Guess who is guesting as an unknown before she hit the big timeduring an MC Hammer feature on MTV? Curious as to who? The answer after the jump

Watch: New Doritos Superbowl Ad - Ebony Meets Ivory

A new Doritos superbowl ad surfaced today. The ad; two guys in the Sauna makes for interesting viewing. Wanna see for yourself? The ad is after the jump.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Morning Wood Special: (Watch) Black Topless And On Point Fellas - Jarvis

Check out the fourth of four hot to death clips from the Omarosa Pagent ; one of the challenges she gave her guys on her TVOne number one rated dating series, The Ultimate Merger. The video featuring suitor number 4 Jarvis Dortch is after the jump

Morning Wood Special: (Watch) Black Topless And On Point Fellas - CJ

Check out the third of four hot to death clips from the Omarosa Pagent; one of the challenges she gave her guys on her TVOne number one rated dating series, The Ultimate Merger. The video featuring suitor number 3 CJ Miller is after the jump

Morning Wood Special: (Watch) Black Topless And On Point Fellas - Issac

Check out the second of four hot to death clips from the Omarosa Pagent ; one of the challenges she gave her guys on her TVOne number one rated dating series, The Ultimate Merger. The video featuring suitor number 2 Issac Keys is after the jump

Morning Wood Special: (Watch) Black Topless And On Point Fellas - Ray

Check out the first of four hot to death clips from the Omarosa Pagent ; one of the challenges she gave her guys on her TVOne number one rated dating series, The Ultimate Merger. The video featuring suitor number 1 Ray Lavender is after the jump

Watch: Say My Name

Result! I managed to locate the movie Say My Name online for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the movie after the jump!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Movie Review: Dog Tags

So I just got done watching the Damion Dietz direted movie Dog Tags. What did I think? Find out after the jump

Friday, 21 January 2011

Antoine Dodson Eyes TV Deal

Drop me out! Antoine Dodson (Mr Bed Intruder Song) is readying a break into reality TV according to TMZ. More details after the jump.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Man of The Week: Ronreaco Lee

The title of man of the week goes to Actor Ronreaco Lee.

This guy is too on point!

LOL of the Day: Civil Partners Cut it Up

Peep this couple getting down on the floor at their reception. The video is after the jump:

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The hood days

When I was in secondary (high school) I was smart, but because the culture was that being smart made you a target for bullying (school was ghetto), to avoid having to beat them, I joined them. Chasing the hood girls around after school and cornering them and getting mine, rushing innocents because we could, and using a guy from the crew's mum's place as the spot to chat shit, watch sky and have mad house partys where the girls got HAD up.

We in the crew would square up every now and then to prove our manhood. I remember when it came to my turn and they put me up against this dude named Tariq. Now I'm a reserved character, but once I switch its a wrap. Sure enough when dude gripped me up by my chest, I saw red and started throwing him around until he gave up.

There were some really mad times though, like when guy named Dru threw a firework in the dinner hall, or when a next guy named Daniel beat up a bus driver because he would let him pay on the bus for free (try to pull an under 15 free flex).

I remember on GCSE results day when I got my 3 A Grades and they got their Ds Es and Us. I guess that was God's way of saying that a change needed to come. I replaced the hood circle with scholars and work people when I got my 1st job and made myself less and less available until my dealings with the crew was straight cordial.

I miss the days of reckless masculinity, but I'm glad I had had my priorities straight when I look back.

Watch: Charlemagne (Wendy's Former WBLS Co-Host) Goes In On Drake

Power 105 shock jock Charlemagne, delivered some below the belt punches (pun intended) to Platinum selling Rapper Drake. How below the belt did Charlemagne go? Find out after the jump.

Review: Say My Name

So today I came across the short British film Say My Name. The short, produced by the creator of the movie Rag Tag focuses on an argument between two characters Chris and Ricky who are in a discreet relationship. Apart from the yardie-ish slang being thick and making the dialogue harder to follow, the movie was a winner. Strong acting, a raw authenticity, I only wish that it lasted longer than 12 minutes!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Qaadir Reflects On His Failed Bid To Work With Kandi

Friend to the Blud blog Qaadir recently uploaded a video speaking on the failed outcome of his desire to work with Real Housewives of Atlanta. Did Qaadir rip her to shreads? Find out after the jump.

Film Review: Punks

Punks the movie, created by the man behind Noahs Arc Patrick, Ian Polk was like a myth to me. I'd heard about it from people that had seen it raving about how good it was yet no-one could point me in the direction of being able to purchase it for my damn self. Its a joke that there is such a big market in the UK for Black movies, and we don't get them. In the rare instances where we do (Tyler Perry Movies) they are already on DVD in the States. Alright I'm waffling. Anyhow finally managed to get hold of a copy of PUNKS. What did I think? Find out after the jump.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Watch: Darryl Stephens Does It "RAW"

Actor Darryl Stephens and others have joined forces with the AIDS Heathcare Foundation to shoot a 'raw' campaign which gives insight into how different gay men regard their sexual health. Peep the ads after the jump.

Watch "Hell Yeah..."

You know when you here a song and you come away thinking hmmm... that is 4 mins of my life that I am never gonna be able to get back? That's kind of how I felt after hearing this song, "Hell Yeah I'm Gay" by the Lesbian Girls from USA. The video is after the jump:

Marsha Ambrosius visits BET

Marsha Ambrosius visited BET earlier this week to debut her video 'Far Away' on the countdown during 106th and Park's anti bullying episode. How was Marsha recieved by the audience, and Terrence and Rosci for that matter? Find out after the jump.

Listen: Dean Atta - Key To The City

I came across this enlightening piece of poetry by Black LGBT Community Arts Award winning poet Dean Atta and thought I'd share. Take a listen to the poem, after the jump:

Saturday, 15 January 2011

My 2 pence: Circles

Rolling in a clique has its pros and its cons. Get the circle right and you've got a group of driven like minded people as a support system with similar goals, aspirations and outlooks on life that you can share life's better moments and milestones with.

Get it wrong and you've enrolled yourself in a circle of psychological self harm in that all your differing opinions become the grounds for arguments. Your life becomes...

Bimbo Winehouse Reviews ''Far Away"

Youtuber Bimbo Winehouse recently uploaded a video reviewing the Marsha Ambrosius video that has everyone talking. What did he have to say? Check the video out after the jump:

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

LOL of The Day: 50 Tyson


Phat Daddy Talks Take 'Em Down 4 "I was in a situation"

Adult entertainer Phat Daddy sent his fans into a frenzy when he appeared in Take Em Down 4, playing a different position to the one he is known for. Peep this video where he talks about the reasoning behind why he did what he did.

If the video doesn't work click here

Q&A: Ace Rockwood (Video)

Check out this video of adult entertainer Ace Rockwood, answering 25 questions from his fanbase. The video after the jump.

Man of The Week: Jackie Long

The award for man of the week goes to actor Jackie Long. He is one undeniable packet of eye candy.

Adam Levine, Nigel Barker and Shayne Ward Pose Nude For Cosmo

Check out these pics of Adam Levine, Nigel Barker and Shayne Ward posing it up for Comsopolitan UKs annual prostate cancer awareness issue.

BScott Covers Obvious Magazine

Check out BScott on the cover of Obvious magazine.

*Sidenote: I wonder how B Scott would look if he tilted the androgny more on the masculiine side?
Anyhow what do you think of the cover?

Audio: Omarion Talks Twitter

*If my ability to make money the only way I knew how would suffer a severe blow on confirming rumours about me, I'd respond in the same way. No silver spoon births around here!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Everyone Loves A Bad B!tch: Aubrey O'Day

Peep this vintage video of Aubrey O' Day getting it in with the kidz. You can't deny her star quality alie?

Doesn't she seem like a hoot to be around?! Savvy too.

Unless you have been living under a rock you'll know that Aubrey O'Day, was kicked out of Danity Kane by Diddy for speaking her mind. Although she has been out of sight, she has been hustling behind the scenes, making celebrity aliances, hitting the studio, booking club dates and posing it up for playboy. She just inked a reality show deal with Oxygen and I can't wait to see what she come with, because if she does this right for her it would be the big time.

Another couple of clips for you to watch after the jump.

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