Monday, 17 January 2011

Film Review: Punks

Punks the movie, created by the man behind Noahs Arc Patrick, Ian Polk was like a myth to me. I'd heard about it from people that had seen it raving about how good it was yet no-one could point me in the direction of being able to purchase it for my damn self. Its a joke that there is such a big market in the UK for Black movies, and we don't get them. In the rare instances where we do (Tyler Perry Movies) they are already on DVD in the States. Alright I'm waffling. Anyhow finally managed to get hold of a copy of PUNKS. What did I think? Find out after the jump.

Punks was worth the 10 year wait. Once you get over the camp overload and the drag scenes which might not sit well with folk not feeling all things feminine, the story is very endearing. Every character is explored well and the acting is very convincing. The humor will have you rolling and the range of themes explored mean that there is something for everybody.


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