Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Blud Health: Teeth

Everyone is after that hollywood smile. Two rows of white and perfectly aligned teeth. After all isn't it in our nature to want to look our best at all times? Want to work towards what's in your nature? More on this after the jump.

So let's say you've got one out of two (perfect aligned teeth yet yellow or stained teeth, as long as they are your own (not veneers) then there is something you can do about them. "I can't afford professional teeth whitening!..." that's probably what you are thinking right? Wrong! Crest Whitening strips are what you need if working on a shoe string budget.

TJ you are just gassing! Actually no I'm not, I did a little digging and Crest strips are actually banned from general sale in the UK because the bleach content is on par with the clinical stuff. Don't believe me? Well its over to Brooke then!

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