Sunday, 27 February 2011

Count Me In Campaign

Have you heard about the count me in campaign? UK based charity GMFA launched the campaign recently to get people having sex, thinking about 5 key steps to stop the spread of HIV. So what are these points? Wanna hear from one of the spokespeople from the campaign? The info after the jump.

The five points are:
  1. I will know my HIV status
  2. I will not assume I know someone else’s HIV status
  3. I will take personal responsibility for using condoms
  4. I will value myself and my health
  5. I will stay informed about HIV and how it is spread
 Also check this video from spokesperson Leon

What struck me most about this guy is that by looking at him you could not clock that he is a HIV positive person. He doesn't look ill or bony in the face and there is nothing that would raise an eyebrow.

That being said I put safe sex at the top of my list and go clinic every 6 months for peace of mind.

For more info on the campaign click here

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