Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Creators Of DL Chronicles Need Your Help!

Remember DL Chronicles, the solid mini series showing the struggles of black men associated with man to man attraction? The series was canned by the Here! network but undeterred the creators currently have four episodes in pre production. In order to get the finished product out to the masses via a major network, the creators need your help. What do they require of you? Peep their open letter and my 2 pence after the jump:

Dear Friends,

As many of you may know, The DL Chronicles was indefinitely cancelled from its cable TV Network home after its first, very successful, award winning television run.

You may recall rumors or have read announcements of a second season in 2009 that never surfaced. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, that second season was never produced.
We are sorry to have left our audience anticipating the many stories we had left to share. However, we are looking forward to bringing The DL Chronicles BACK in 2011/2012!

Our voices won't be silenced by unfortunate circumstance.

SO WE ARE ASKING OF YOUR HELP - the people who made it what it was.


Our goal is to gather up to 1 Million supporters of the show, in a grassroots effort to show our strength in numbers. The DL Chronicles has been seen across the globe, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Korea, South America, and more.


One of the ways you can help the return of The DL Chronicles is by simply recommending our Facebook Page to your friends.

Go to The DL Chronicles page and click “Suggest to Friends” under the profile pic on the left. Then add the friends you want to recommend.

You can also SHARE the page on your WALL with a personal note about how The DL Chronicles affected you.

We are excited and ready to bring you ALL NEW stories - stories that educate, entertain, scintillate, inspire, and CHANGE.

Quincy LeNear & Deondray Gossett

I love that Deondray and Quincy are in the process of campaigning to get the show back. I'm just not taken on whether facebook is the right outlet to garner the support it needs. A LOT  of discreet guys watch the show and although they would like to show support, unless in a way that's its keeping their anonymity they ain't gonna be interested. Sad but true. An email address for people to express what the show meant to them may be a way around this.

Also, why not bring the series to youtube in the same way Ashton Kutcher did with The Beautiful Life and generate buzz via a viral campaign? There is a massive international demand for black LGBT programming in South East Asia, Australia, Western Europe, South Africa and South America. Ads before and during each episode would generate revenue and the insights stats for each upload would allow the team to pinpoint demand and pitch to networks within those territories. Just a thought.

How do you feel about the campaign? Will you be supporting?

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