Wednesday, 23 February 2011

WATCH: 'Tha Life' Extended Trailer (Black Gay Reality Series)

Remember the blog not too long ago on a new black gay reality series currently in production called Tha life? An extended trailer recently hit the net.

Peep the trailer and my two pence on it after the jump:

This is shaping up to be car crash TV. Majority bitchy self made men and an alleged fraudster... the only one who I will be routing and tuning in for on the strength of the trailer is J. Will. Would be nice to see well rounded gay characters in opposed to refined versions of the quote on quote 'stereotype' for a change, but beggars as they say can't be choosers!

*Sidenote* What is up the budget, I mean in 2011 and HD cameras are more than affordable these days. Let's hope that the trailers 100k+ view show the producers that the show will be a hit with the right injection.

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