Saturday, 5 March 2011

Dear TJ - The thought of settling down gets me down!

Remember a few months ago I said there would be a new feature called 'Dear TJ'? Well I recieved my 1st advice request. Peep the situation and my response after the jump.

Hey TJ,

First and foremost, thank you for your blog. Its dope and I enjoy your wordplay and wit when you post. I'm Jason a masculine guy, mid 20s, not out and its getting to the point where everyone I used to go to school with have all settled down and I feel like the odd one out. Its really getting me down because I am skipping events I've been invited to because I feel like they either suspect or want to make fun of me. I feel like every area of my life is excelling except my love life. What should I do?

My response:

Jason look. Stop comparing your life to theirs and ask yourself what you want. Do you want the wife and kids or a lifetime male partner? For a long time I thought the choice was either one or the other but now my thought on that is 'Says who?' focus on doing you and getting goals acomplished. The one or the other mindset will only have you taking what comes along in opposed to what is truly meant for you.

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  1. Good advice, keep up this feature -V-


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