Tuesday, 8 March 2011

@TysonKobiethe1 Announces Twitter Departare

Friend to the Blud Blog Tyson Kobie announced that he is closing his blog and twitter and departing to concentrate on a professional bodybuilder career under a new stage name.

I for one am I little sad by this as anyone that follows Kobie knows that he a hoot! Witty, sexual and eye candy for the masses, Kobie has built a successful brand over the last few years with his club / pride appearances, youtube videos and studio work, especially as being a one man show handling biz ain't easy!

The positive in all this is that Kobie is carving his own lane toward mainstream success (and the $ that comes with it) and I am happy for him.

So Tyson (I know you are reading this), good luck for the future and don't be a stranger ;-P

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