Saturday, 2 April 2011

Black Gold

I've been chatting it up with a Ghanian guy for the past three months and recently I thought I'd put the face to the voice as I was getting good vibes off him. So two saturdays ago, I freshened up and got my aftershave on so I was smelling good and headed to his place in Vauxhall.

Now whenever I go on a link, the psychologist in me, does a quick analysis of the guy's situation - 1. For me to assess whether I want to be a similar guy when i get older and whether I want to remain in contact after meeting up for the 1st time.

When I get to Vauxhall station, I call him from my T-mobile chip and he gives me directions to his place. I buzz the intercom and a mixture of anxiousness and adrenaline kicks in. What if he is ugly as fuck and I'm not feeling him, what if he is some pyscho? My mind is working overtime. That as they say is the thrill of the chase... the stakes are high and you are purely relying on instinct. The intercom sound that let's you know the door is open sounds and I go right in. 'Kofi' is standing in the doorway. 6'1 broad shouldered, dark skin sexy in a motherland kind of way. In my head I'd stuck black gold.

"Hey TJ!" he says "Come in". He then offers me a JD and coke. Whilst he is making me my drink, he talks about being in a council flat because of persecution back in Ghana for being gay, then going on to tell me about looking for a job as a chef.

Kofi then comes to sit beside me and hands me the drink. "So what do you like about guys?" He asks me in a hushed tone whilst stroking my free hand.

The feel of his touch made me hard and with that I set it off. or the next 90 mins we were getting it in on the sofa and on the floor. His head game was killing me! I ended up nutting in his mouth whilst kneeled on the carpet on the living room floor. There were some Johnsons baby wipes handy so I wiped my dick clean and gave him a hug and left.

For lust's sake, he was cool and all but not for me. A good release all the same though.

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