Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Watch: Darryl Stephens - Envious Moon (Video)

Check out the music video for the song Envious Moon by former Noah's Arc frontman Darryl Stephens. Peep the video after the jump:

While it was clear that Darryl was coming from a personal place lyrically, for me, both the song and video fall flat. Production-wise, the song sounds like a bedroom beat composed of run of the mill generic sounds, and lacks the live instrumentation to really breathe life into the songwriting which melodically came off real amateurish in its own right.The video had some nice scenes but again left me slightly sour at the overall finished product. I guess the expectation was high, yet all we get is another project in the sea of mediocrity it seems.

Le sigh.

What did you think of the song / video?

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