Monday, 30 May 2011

As The Masses Descend On Miami For Sizzle

As the masses headed down to Miami for Sizzle X or East to DC this 3 day weekend. I thought that a light reminder for people to play it safe this weekend was in order. Check out these videos from youtuber JayLove . Footage after the jump:

Eye Candy - Phat Daddy & Rated R

Check out this video of adult entertainers Phat Daddy and Rated R reviewing entries to a competition to win a massage from Phat Daddy courtesy of Blatino Oasis . I needed a shower after watching this. The video after the jump:

Gay Short - One on One

One on one is an short film about the struggles of a relationship when one partner wants to be more expressive in public than the other who would rather keep things on a more discreet level. Peep how the situation plays out after the jump:

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Spotlight - Jay Brannan

Some of you may know Jay Brannan as an actor from indie film Shortbus, but Jay is also a talented guitar strumming singer-songwriter. His ability to paint a picture through song from a gay standpoint is just genius. I recently came across his youtube channel and I am a fan. Peep his video for I Wanna Be A Housewife after the jump:

Maurice Murrell Dies Aged 30

LGBT Actor and Model Maurice Murrell died on Wednesday 26th May. The Finding Me and Finding Me Truth actor and Clik magazine model's cause of death is currently unknown, but his family have already begun finalising the funeral arrangements. Details are after the jump:

Monday, 23 May 2011

Qaadir Reviews The Billboard Awards

Friend to the Blud! blog Qaadir uploaded his review of the billboard awards today. Peep his take on yesterday's event after the jump:

(Watch) Documentary - On The Downlow

Check out documentary 'On The Downlow'exploring the lives of guys that live an alternative lifestyle. The documentary is after the jump:

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Watch: Trailer / Episode 1 of Gay Indie Web Drama - JustUs

Check out the Gay Indie Drama JustUs. The series focuses on trials and tribulation a of a guy drawn into the illegal underworld by his partner. Peep the trailer, full 1st episode and my 2 pence after the jump:

Watch: Rapper Lasto's Promo Trailer

Rapper LastO's promo campaign for upcoming project "The Campaign Vol. 1: Charm", hit the web moments ago. Peep the trailer after the jump:

Danny Miller Wins Best Actor Gong @ The Soap Awards

Actor Danny Miller, best known for his ground breaking role as Aaron Livesy on UK soap Emmerdale, took home the Best Actor award, at this week's annual soap awards. Peep his speech as well as his Emmerdale best bits, after the jump:

Eye Candy: Danny Miller and Marc Silcock (Stonewall Campaign)

Actors Danny Miller and Marc Silcock were snapped recently for the Stonewall 'It Gets Better' campaign. Currently playing gay couple Aaron and Jackson in British show Emmerdale, their storyline was critically praised for it rawness and bringing to the screen a side of male sexuality that made excellent prime time viewing.

LOL Of The Day - Beyonce Run The World Spoof

Today's lol of the day comes courtesy of some younguns inspired by Beyonce's latest video Run The World. Peep the hilarity after the jump:

Saturday, 21 May 2011

LOL of the Day - Antoine Dodson Pops and Drops To Rihanna's Skin

Bed intruder song / internet celebrity Antoine Dodson posted a video on youtube recently of himself getting it in to Rihanna's skin. Peep the hilarity after the jump:

Thursday, 19 May 2011

New Beyonce - Run The World (Video)

The highly anticipated video from Beyonce premiered on VEVO a few hours ago. Check it out after the jump:

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Watch: CNN Anchor Don Lemon On Why He Came Out

CNN Anchor Don Lemon came out yesterday, given the topic is discussed his new biography 'Transparent' which he is currently promoting. Check out this clip of Don explaining his reasons for coming out at 45 with Wendy Williams after the jump:

(Watch) UK Eye Candy: Louis Smith and Anthony Ogogo

British sportsmen Louis Smith and Anthony Ogogo feature in a new Lucozade campaign in the run up to the 2012 Olympics. After watching the vid I dare you to deny their appeal! Check the ad out after the jump:

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Former College Basketball Talks Being Gay on ESPN

Fomer College basketball player Will Sheridan sat down with ESPN recently to discuss being gay and what life was like in the basketball team after making the choice to be open about his life choices to his team-mates and family. The interview is a really good watch. Peep it after the jump:

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Hotboyz Reality Show

Anyone in the life who has lived or been to NYC will know of the HotBoyz... a crew of promoters and self made folk from tough beginnings whose differences brought them together. A couple years back, there was talk of a reality TV show being produced and directed by an ex BET employee. Peep the 3 part series that materialised after the jump:

Watch: Has The Pilot Video For Beyonce 'Girls' Leaked?

Has the pilot video for Beyonce 'Girls' leaked? Peep the video for yourself after the jump:

Watch: Blueprint Trailer

Peep the trailer for Blueprint, a movie directed by Kirk Shannon-Butts. The movie has been around the festival circuits, but somehow managed to fly under my radar. Peep the trailer and where you can catch the movie after the jump:

LOL of the day - Caption This Pic

Everyone Loves A Bad B!tch - Watch Gaga (Judas) On Graham Norton

Check out Gaga delivering her best performance of Judas this era. The video after the jump:

Friday, 13 May 2011

Documentary: Doctor Al's Rebels

Check out this insightful documentary featuring a black male couple bringing up three kids, and running a sports team. The documentary after the jump:

Documentary: Realness

Realness, a documentary by film maker David Barclay Moore follows lesbian couple Tika and Nicki, providing insight to Tika's life transitioning from a female to male. Peep it as always after the jump:

Qaadir Talks Donations and Bald Headed Ass Ducks

Friend to the Blud Blog Qaadir Howard uploaded a new video via his youtube channel. In it he discusses the negative comments from haters as well as touching on the new journey he is soon to be embarking on. The video is after the jump:

My 2 Pence - If A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

I was on the tube today here in London and I noticed this poster. The poster is being used to promote a South African photo exhibition. My question is, is the female personator on the poster, the face of contemporary society? In my opinion no. Provocative male effeminacy is just a hate crime waiting to happen and on some levels I think the V&A gallery were in some senses, irresponsible for making this picture the focus of a London-wide campaign.

What do you think? Am I simply overreacting to harmless androgyny?


Watch: ADTV - Daily Reflections 6

Derrick, Ryan, Matthew and the gang are back with a new episode from season 6. Check it out after the jump (Sidenote - Sans the singing Ryan had me rolling!):

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

WTF: South African Inmate Talks Gang Life Behind Bars

Check out this segment from Ross Kemp on Gangs. The prisoner, originally in prison for nine years, had his sentence extended to life for murdering inmates. Hear his side of the story after the jump

Sunday, 8 May 2011

LOL of the Day: Nene Leakes Gets Russ Parr's Co-Host Together

Check out this hilarious interview of Nene Leakes on the Russ Parr show. When Nene is accused of being a bully, the kid gloves come off.

Check it out here

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney Brings 'American Trade' To London

American playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney is bringing his homiesexual themed play, 'American Trade' to the Hampstead Theatre, London for a limited run from June 2th- June 18th. 

When things get a little too hot for him in New York, good-looking, charismatic hustler Pharus escapes the clutches of rap star Jules and moves to London, where he sets up an escort business under the guise of a model agency, recruiting a diverse range of workers.

Mischievously demonstrating the pressures and absurdities of making it in the big city for locals and immigrants alike, the play throws a wry light on our society’s obsessions, from desire and control to deception and image.

American Trade is a funny, uncompromising and outspoken play about survival that challenges assumptions about racial and sexual identity. It is also a celebration of 21st century London in all its extravagant, confusing and dynamic diversity.
Check out what playwright feels theatregoers can expect, and ticket info after the jump:

Jason Derulo Goes Nude For Cosmo

Jason Derulo follows in the steps of Adam Levine and Nigel Barker by stripping down to his bare essentials to promote awareness of testicular cancer. Peep the nude shot after the jump:

Kelly Rowland Video (Full) - What a Feeling

The new Kelly Rowland video for Alex Gaudino produced 'What a Feeling has now surfaced in full. Peep it after the jump:

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ace Rockwood Covers PULP

The Guys of ADTV Discuss Threesomes

ADTV recently uploaded a new episode via their Youtube Channel. Hats off the Derrick and the team at ADTV for great visuals and insighful topics. The latest episode of Season 6 'Threesomes' is after the jump:

Monday, 2 May 2011

Jaszi Alejandro from ADTV talks HIV

ADTV spokesman Jaszi Alejandro shares his HIV experience with HIV Stops With Me, an online campaign to raise awareness among young people through people living with the virus.

Peep an exerpt from Jaszi's story and more on the campaign after the jump:

Jennia Fredique (Brandi - Noah's Arc) Sits Down With Jensen Atwood

Actress Jennia Fredique sat down with Jensen Atwood recently via UStream, to talk about upcoming projects and a possible Noah's Arc return to the silver screen. Peep the interview after the jump:

My 2 Pence - Who Has The Power

I figured I haven't given my 2 pence in a while so lets do it! So I came cross this video of these guys discussing which role has the most power:

My take on this is that its not about the 'role'. The power lies in the character of the dude that you are dealing with. When it comes to sex its about pleasure not power.

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