Sunday, 22 May 2011

Watch: Trailer / Episode 1 of Gay Indie Web Drama - JustUs

Check out the Gay Indie Drama JustUs. The series focuses on trials and tribulation a of a guy drawn into the illegal underworld by his partner. Peep the trailer, full 1st episode and my 2 pence after the jump:


Episode 1

I'll start with the good. The producers of the series deserve kudos for filling the web series void whilst Anacostia's 3rd season is in production. I do however feel that where shows like Noah's Arc, Anacostia and DL Chronicles set the benchmark, this show lacks the quality to stand alongside them in its own right. From the acting chops of the characters portrayal to the underdevelopment of the plot, the show comes off more like a scripted reality show with the 'actors' playing themselves than that of an actual drama... more often than not feeding into the negative stereotypes. I mean where's the masculinity at?

That being said I watched the show from start til end and will continue to as I'm interested to see how things pan out... in a car crash come microwave TV kind of way.

What did you think?

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