Tuesday, 28 June 2011

My 2 Pence: Relationship Approach

Why do male relationships have such a high turn over? Because lust takes priority over actually getting to know someone, so as soon as you see personality traits you don't like... its a wrap. So how do you reinvent the wheel when it comes to dating?

Firstly create a comfortable space where your partner can confide in you without feeling inhibited or like you are going to call it quits because you can't see past his true character.

Then as basic as it sounds, make a list of all the good points about him, then the things you don't think will work and the things about him that get on your last nerve and get him to do the same. Then you swap, reflect and have another date where you get really real, as you talk through the critiques and decide whether you want to make a go of things.

Building a relationship off of lust is whack because there is nothing left to be desired so you will drop or be dropped for the next badass dude that has you on brick without having to say a word.

True right? Right!

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