Sunday, 5 June 2011

New B Scott Video - Kiss Kiss

Youtube turned multimedia maven B Scott premiered the video to his love muffin audience recently. Peep the video after the jump:


Le sigh. No plot and pure posey throwaway visuals. I guess I'm of the view that men should not female impersonate so gender bending visuals do nothing for me.

I feel like ever since the high profile opportunities started happening, the genius that made B Scott's channel so popular has been missing in action. From the rants about his neighbors, to new love interests and advice, his impact was global and the power of his words transcended his 'outthere' image. Interviews in his apartment were so authentic and original yet those of late Aubrey's for instance, seem so glossed up and formulaic. Like the essence of B Scott has been lost in the mix of turning B Scott into a brand. By all means hustle behind the scenes to improve the amount of your daily bread, but at the same time, maintain the bounce and balance in your launch pad that afforded you the opportunities in the first place!

Whatever works I guess.

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