Saturday, 23 July 2011

James Franco on Sexuality

Oscar nominated Actor James Franco, recently sat down with Playboy magazine in NewYork. Ever the target of gay rumours, given the roles he has played in past film productions, when asked the inevitable question, his response was very insightful. Peep it for yourself after the jump:

 “Straight” and “gay” are fairly recent phenomena. One of the things the great book Gay New York: Gender, Urban Culture and the Making of the Gay World, 1890–1940 is about is the way those labels have changed behavior. Between World War I and World War II, straight guys could have sex with other guys and still be perceived as straight as long as they acted masculine. Whether you were considered a “fairy” or a “queer” back then wasn’t based on sexual acts so much as outward behavior. Into the 1950s, 1960s and so on, the straight and gay thing came up based on your sexual partner. Because of those labels, you do it once and you’re gay, so you get fewer guys who are kind of in the middle zone. It sounds as though I’m advocating for an ambiguous zone or something, but I’m just interested in the way perception changes behavior."
 Read the full interview here

I like James Franco. He is a good looking intellectual guy that is a master of his craft. I'd like to hang with him for a day and be exposed to some of those layers that he doesn't hid but may never show.

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