Sunday, 3 July 2011

Rihanna / DC3 Dancer Anthony Terrell Books Lead Role In Noah's Arc Creator's New Movie

Anthony Burrell. Know him? No? Chances are that unless you have living under a rock and have not attended shows of your pop urban faves over the last few years. Anthony Burrell was the male dance captain on Destiny's Child's farewell tour and the male lead in Rihanna's unfaithful video. He also featured in season 7 of So you think you can dance, but let go due to a hamstring injury. Congratulations is in order for Burrell as he signed on Patrik Ian Polk new movie The Skinny which is currently in production. Patrik Ian Polk is the genius behind LGBT cult classics Punks, Noah's Arc the series and Noah's Arc the movie.

Get familar with Anthony, trailer info and movie synopsis via andresflava after the jump:

''THE SKINNY tells the story of five Brown University classmates who reunite one year after graduation for Gay Pride weekend in New York City. Magnus has just completed his first year of medical school and is excited to see his friends & introduce them to his new man, Ryan. Angelic Sebastian has recently returned from a year in Paris and looks forward to finally losing his virginity. Devilish rustafarian playboy Kyle is up to his old tricks, bagging as many hot bodied men as possible. Atlanta native Joey is hiding a few secrets, not including the obvious pounds he's packed on since graduating. And acid-tongued black British lesbian Langston tries to hold her own with the boys in the Big Apple. Through three action-packed days of sex, drama, secrets, lies & laughter- these five college pals discover just how much can change in one short year. And you won't believe what goes down at the Gay Pride Parade!''
I'll hazard a guess and say that Anthony is playing Magnus!

The trailer for the movie will be premiered at Outfest on 17th July. Am I right in saying this movie is eagerly anticipated?

In the meantime, get familiar with Anthony below:

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