Thursday, 6 October 2011

LOL Of The Day - X Factor's George Gerasimou talks Sexuality

X Factor auditionee George Gerasimou caused a firestorm at his audition after hauling a barrage of insults at judge Tulisa which went viral. George recently sat down for an interview with Water Media Tv where he talked about x factor, reactions from the public and his sexuality. Peep the interview after the jump:


  1. George now admits he was drunk and high during both auditions. You can tell he is a closet case who has rage issues with women.

  2. What's wrong with his voice? Dysarthria? Sounds like he's stuffed up (both in the nose and throat). Lacking ability to pronounce words clearly...

    People with disorders like this shouldn't be put on tv, since they appear ridiculous, but it's actually a medical issue.


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