Tuesday, 31 January 2012

ADTV Episode 2 - Paris And Dustin Go At It!

The second episode of ADTV Raw has just hit the web. The week ADTV favorite Paris and ADTV Raw newcomer Dustin sit down to discuss the buzz video prior to the Raw launch that Paris critiqued which Dustin used as a basis to go back and forth online via twitter and facebook.

One word. heated! Peep the video for yourself after the jump:

Watch: New Jersey Mayor On Civil Ceremonies

Cory Booker, mayor of New Jersey aired his strong views on marriage equality. So was he for or against? Peep the footage after the jump:

Watch Trailer - DTLA

Check out the trailer to future show Down Town Los Angles or DTLA. The series features familiar faces Darryl Stevens, B Scott and Tiffany 'New York' Pollard.. According to the producers:

"DTLA depicts the relationships of seven friends with varied ethnic, cultural, and sexual orientations who work and live in the vibrant community of Downtown Los Angeles. It's a story of love, friendship, loyalty, and being true to oneself - no matter what the cost. It is the first dramatic series with gay leads since "Queer as Folk," "Noah's Arc," and "The L Word."

Scheduled to air in April 2012, peep the trailer after the jump:

Watch - Do I Sound White?

Peep this enlightening video from new friend in my head, Malcolm J Harris. In it he makes some interesting points about the power of being well spoken. Check the wise words out after the jump:

Watch: Vice Documentary Nigerian Fashion Week

Check out this somewhat controversial documentary that VICE magazine filmed as part of their International Fashion Week series. A portion of the Nigerian Fashion Week instalment  focuses on the discreet nature of how underground homosexuality is used to climb the economic ladder and touches briefly on political homophobia.

Peep it for yourself after the jump:

Monday, 30 January 2012

Man Of The Week - Andra Fuller

Man of the week title  goes to rising Hollywood actor and model Andra Fuller. Check out more pics after the jump:

Watch - The LA Complex

Whenever a new show with a well written gay storyline that goes against usual mainstream convention comes about, my interest is peaked. So when one of my boys put me on to Canadian show "The LA Complex" without spoiling why I needed to add this show to my ''to peep'' list, I asked no questions and I was not dissapointed. Peep it for yourself after the jump:

Friday, 27 January 2012

NSFW: So When They Talk About Bunning Chi Chi Man...

Most of us have been at a hiphop club where during the dancehall set the DJ will drop a TOK or Capelton song which is anti-gay. Hands up who dances on because they don't feel that label applies to them? Yup my hand is up too! Alright next question. Have you actually seen a visual of what the lyrics are supporting? Its not for the faint hearted. See for yourself after the jump:

Thursday, 26 January 2012

ADTV RAW - Episode 1 - Metrell Discusses Being Raped By His Dad As A Child

Eagerly anticipated show ADTV Raw kicked off with Episode 1 airing via Youtube this evening and dissapoint does it not!. Fronted by my personal ADTV favourites Metrell Hurst and Ralphy Suarez, the guy delve deep and discuss sex and how they both suffered sexual abuse at a young age:

Peep episode 1 and my 2 pence after the jump:

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Qaadir Talks New Car, Independence And Dreams

Youtuber Qaadir uploaded a new video recently. In it he discusses what is new in his life and imparts some solid advice. Peep the video after the jump:

Watch Video: Ken Dahl - If This Pussy Could Talk

Alternative POP Artist Ken Dahl , released the visual to 'If This pussy could talk'. The video supports Ken Dahl's free deluxe album 'Tricks Of The Trade' which tells humorous tales and bittersweet anecdotes over polished electro beats.Peep the video after the jump:

Rod McCullom Talks With MSM Nigerian Support Worker Michael Ighodaro

Friend to the Blud! blog, journalist Rod McCullom.caught up with Nigerian Michael Ighodaro, a support worker for men living alternative lifestyles who are also living with HIV in Nigeria. Men that are classed as MSM,; men that have sex with men but do not identfy as gay or bisexual. The two sat down whilst in Ethiopia last month for the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa.

Listen to the insighful interview after the jump:

DL Chronicles Season 2 Casting Call

Cult show the DL Chronicles is casting for the second season. Show producers Deondray Gosset and Quincy Lenear uploaded a video to the web recently detailing how aspiring actors can reach out. Do you see yourself as part of the new season's cast? Peep the video after the jump:

Saturday, 21 January 2012

My 2 Pence: The reality of dating

Why does it feel as though black men are doomed from the get go? All we want is one person to check for and chill with in a drama free way. Ladies hate that the good ones are gay which usually manifests in the form of hateful comments which come off derogatory to guys especially whilst in the process of getting to an inner peace. The feelings are internalized because discreet dude ain't confiding confidential info in a chick. Then there are the lack of mainstream examples of what the reality is really like.

 If the mainstream image of gay representation was balanced with the masculine side then there would be more acceptance in the ignorant circles. Put simply, being gay is a mindset not a look. The are so many black gay guys who have no feminine traits who get side stepped in the mainstream.

 Guys that have been honest with their close friends and family and who are trying to find love like everyone else. Guys who have a dimmer level of 'outness'; comfortable with who they are and not feeling the need to shout from the rooftops. 

They are however part of a limited sub group in an environment full of people that want a different dude each night or worse, multiple dudes in the same session. Dudes who have slept around infamously and are wanting someone who will overlook their past ways. Dudes who have had it ingrained through religion and upbringing that what is a natural desire is the worst thing you could possibly be so suffer from panic attacks and anxiety and bouts of abstinence from pursuing guys in the hope that the desire for guys will go away. Guys that are feminine by design, and guys who want their uniqueness to be visual.

So how are you supposed to manage the hate, yet also pursue the happy ever after? 

 Just thinking out loud...

Friday, 20 January 2012

Watch - Woman Has A Meltdown at CVS

We've all been around it at one stage. You step onto a bus, train or into a store and there is someone acting up differently. Well relive that moment that springs to mind through, this clip of a woman who lost her mind in CVS and tried to find it by falling to her knees. Peep the clip that captures all types of her crazy after the jump:

Monday, 16 January 2012

LOL of The Day - Goons Vs Gays

Check out this comedic piece by youtube trio DonnieduRight. Following the current "Sh*t 'person x' says" youtube trend, peep the hilarity after the jump:

Interesting Read - CNN Article On MLK's Response To A Black Gay Teen in the 50's

“I am a boy,” an anonymous writer told King. “But I feel about boys the way I ought to feel about girls. I don't want my parents to know about me. What can I do?”

The above is an excerpt from a letter that Civil Rights Activist Martin Luther King received whilst guesting as an advice columnist for Ebony Magazine back in 1958. What advice did Dr. King give the boy? Find out after the jump:

Saturday, 14 January 2012

WATCH: Zeric Responds To E-Backlash

Former NYC Red Agency Model Zeric Armenteros, posted a response to the backlash to his current preference not to date black or latino men expressed during an interview with 3LWTV. Did he manage to clear up the situation or dig himself into a deeper ditch. Peep for yourself after the jump:

Monday, 9 January 2012

DL Chronicles Kickstarter Campaign Fails - What Now?

The DL Chronicles kickstarter campaign, an online fundraising effort to raise money for production costs towards the second season of the DL Chronicles lead by its creators, has failed to reach its $125,000 target by the deadline of December 30th. The effect of this is that the $43,000 pledged by the 371 backers have become void and donations returned. Where does this leave the project? Find out after the jump:

Watch: Full Episode Of MTV Coming Out

In the fall last year MTV aired a 'Coming Out Special' which featured African American Ohio State Student Nevin Heard. The full episode has since surfaced online. Peep it after the jump:

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Watch - Anacostia Season 3 Episode 4

Anacostia season three is finally here! Peep episode 4 after the jump:

Watch: Eye Candy - Male Leads From Movie Red Tails

Check out this footage of the cast of Red Tails, Nate Parker, David Oyelowo, Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrance Howard and Neyo, behind the scenes the essence photoshoot to promote the movie. Peep the video and more on the movie after the jump:

Everyone Loves A Bad Bitch - Beyonce Welcomes Blue Ivy

According to reports, Beyonce delivered a healthy baby girl via C-Section yesterday evening (January 7th) at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC. Her and Jay have named her Blue Ivy. Congrats to the pair on their new bundle of joy!

Friday, 6 January 2012

My 2 Pence: Safe sex - What's your approach?

When it comes to sex, before you get drunk of the chemistry, how much do you know about the person you are about to lay with?

Firstly you gotta be on point with the visual checks. Does he have a sore on his lip? Does his skin have excema like patchy areas. What is his general hygiene like? Any oddities around the genitalia? Pubes clump free in the bush and sack?

How would he respond to sex with no protection?
Does foreplay involve grinding his raw dick on someone's ass or vice versa?

The key for someone to be open with you sexually is to make them feel at ease with confiding their info in you. Also be firm and direct about your boundaries.

Make sure he gives you the heads up before bussing in your mouth to allow you the choice of how the climax is going to end.

Above all, don't do what you don't want to do. Never get sucker punched into thinking the because the two of you are naked when, you are not feeling like taking it to that level, that you 'might as well'.

You've only got one life. Protect it!

Watch: ADTV - Ralphy's Quickie

Check out this promo for the refreshed version ADTV RAW featuring ADTV personality Ralphy. Peep Ralphy answering quick fire questions after the jump:

Eye Candy - Isaiah Mustafa Goes Topless On Ellen

Isaiah Mustafa aka Mr Old Spice, brought just that to the Ellen Show when he donated his shirt to charity. Peep the video after the jump.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Watch: ADTV - Metrell's Quickie

Check out this promo for the refreshed version ADTV featuring friend to the Blud Blog and ADTV eye candy Metrell Hurst. Peep Metrell answering from quick fire questions after the jump:

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