Tuesday, 31 January 2012

ADTV Episode 2 - Paris And Dustin Go At It!

The second episode of ADTV Raw has just hit the web. The week ADTV favorite Paris and ADTV Raw newcomer Dustin sit down to discuss the buzz video prior to the Raw launch that Paris critiqued which Dustin used as a basis to go back and forth online via twitter and facebook.

One word. heated! Peep the video for yourself after the jump:

So my 2 pence. I'm team Paris on this one. Paris wanted to debate yet Dustin wasted airtime by talking mainly about the components which make up his debating style and was overall being evasive. There is nothing more patronising than someone coming at you using masculinity or education to form a superiority complex whilst debating. Equally offensive was Dustin's tactics employed, invading Paris's body space on more than one occasion, over talking him and often ending his points with questions that would insult even those with the thickest of skins.

The worst thing you could do is turn around to a grown man is refer to him as a motherfu*ker in once sentence and offer to be his mentor in the next. Who does that?

Dustin you are a cutie. Re-balance that scale between confidence and arrogance and you are good. Oh and the ignorance also. How are you gonna drop in the 1st video that your roomate looked like a slave? Aren't all African-Americans descendants of slaves?

I'm done.

After watching the video are you #teamParis or #teamDustin?


  1. Dustin broke it DOWN! Paris could not take...

  2. @Xemmy Pie You TRIED that. Everyone is #TeamParis just read the comments on the video NO ONE likes Dustin at all. Even the Single Party video everyone was saying he needs to go away. Sorry but Dustin is a complete and total asshole who is overly cocky for NO reason. NEXT!

  3. @Anon
    I gives no fucks about the comments left by other viewers.
    Dustin systematically shut Paris down in an eloquent and efficient manner. Paris simply could not take.
    Good day to you.

  4. No. He did not shut him down in any shape form or manner. He was condescending, rude, insulting to a community he is PART of, and ignorant. At the end of the day no one throws around post-secondary education especially knowing it's a BLESSING for most people to get one. I still feel insulted for Paris because NO ONE deserves to be spoken to in that manner regardless of how heated the situation was.

    On another note it seems this video was put up to garner attention, because unlike everything else ADTV does this was negative with no purpose. Kinda disapointing.


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