Thursday, 26 January 2012

ADTV RAW - Episode 1 - Metrell Discusses Being Raped By His Dad As A Child

Eagerly anticipated show ADTV Raw kicked off with Episode 1 airing via Youtube this evening and dissapoint does it not!. Fronted by my personal ADTV favourites Metrell Hurst and Ralphy Suarez, the guy delve deep and discuss sex and how they both suffered sexual abuse at a young age:

Peep episode 1 and my 2 pence after the jump:

Kudos to Metrell and Ralphy for keeping it 100%, though for me its debateable whether you should put such personal info in such a public forum. For the moment the words escape your lips, you no longer have control over when and how the topic is going to be debated.

That being said I feel the real that they both brought enhances the respect I have for them both as young men living the alternative life in NYC and giving the whisky no chaser.

The bar for quality programming has once again been raised and it going without saying that I will be tuned into the series week on week. Good job guys!

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